New Ways to Interact with Your Audience

iStock_000008584107XSmallI recently took some photos of my “geek-tech” friends at TEDx Nashville. Once I got home I was trying to figure out where to post these photos.

Should I post them on the TEDx Facebook Page, what about my neighborhood “Nashville Geek Breakfast” page? My Profile?

Well at that moment I noticed that Dave Delaney had posted his photos to Flickr. Shoot! Why didn’t I think of that? Instead of the same ole – same ole, why not use the Flickr account I pay for annually?

So that started me on a week of “introspection”. What else am I already doing that I’m not really thinking too much about? Where can I move my audience, give them something interesting to see and do. So here’s a list of new ways to interact with your audience: I already know this places look “normal”, but take a second look – are you really USING THEM?

1. Tout – Quick audio or videopodcasts you can do from your phone. Don’t text it to Facebook, Cinch it. 
2. Flickr – Skip the Facebook photo album, photos in Flickr are searchable AND you can build communities there.
3. LinkedIn Groups – Did you know you can post notes, questions and other thoughts in LinkedIn? Instead of long diatribe in Facebook -throw it over to LinkedIn and start something going there. AND you can write blog posts there.
4. YouTube Instead of having the video play in Facebook, make your audience go there so they can comment. Better yet, have them go to your site where they can watch the embedded video.
5. PDF Downloads – Why not? Send your message in a cool .pdf download they don’t have to opt-in to get. Make it a poster or something cool enough to print and hang.
6. Guest Blogposts – When you get the opportunity to write guest blog posts, why not funnel and send as much traffic as you possibly can to that? That’s gotta pay off in the long run.
7. The Phone – Whoa! Some of you gasped. Yeah – try using the phone occasionally and calling folks. Voices are nice to hear.

Maybe you just need to ask yourself “Why Are You Doing That Again?