Easy Authority Ideas

1040195_star_srb_2So your goal is to become the authority in your niche, I suppose. If that’s not your goal – I can only assume you’re running a lottery or counting on first time sales from ads. If you’re doing that and are rocking it – we’d love to hear your secrets. :)

Otherwise. . .

This is going to seem a bit counter intuitive to your current thought process – but this is straight Freud here.

The first thing you want to do, to be seen as an authority right away with your audience, is tell them something they already know. It sounds dumb – but when your thoughts are validated by someone else – trust naturally begins. So go ahead and tell them to put their pants on before their shoes – but tell them why that’s important while you’re doing it.

The second step is Freudian as well. Make sure your audience knows they’re not the only one. Ever have a computer problem and search for the answer online? Don’t you love it when 980 other people have asked the same question? You can immediately rest knowing you’re not an idiot – someone just wasn’t explaining it correctly the first time.

The third step is to let your audience know that they’re not the only person who sees you as an expert. If they’re helping to spread the word about your business – thank them for it and mention how great that help has been.

In fact right now there are several thousand people reading Dan’s Notes, just like you, and they’re wondering the same thing you are, if you tell people stuff they already know they’ll just go elsewhere to learn “new” stuff.

And you’re right about that. Telling them something they already know is just the lead-in. That’s where they’re sure they believe the same stuff you do and are ready to hear new, important information from you. When someone you just met tells you something new, it’s interesting but you typically don’t take it as fact – but rather something you want to research or learn more about.

Information from someone who shares other knowledge and beliefs with you often becomes fact in your mind immediately.
So write your first few autoresponders with all these elements, and solidify your authority in their minds.  For more on niche internet marketing click here.