Finding Your Audience

So what do you do if you have a good idea, but no one knows they need it? I got a chance to think through that this week.

I met with a guy whose product is not currently searched by anyone. He performs a valuable service for construction companies that has saved them a great deal of time and money – however, he can’t prove it.

Because he was only the consultant to his clients, he didn’t have access to their actual numbers – so he’s got no proof statements.

Not only that, but his services don’t have a recognized name and most people don’t know they can save money that way.

So what’s he to do?

Look at Dave Ramsey. Before he started his radio show about budgeting and learning to spend less than you make, most people didn’t know that kind of thing existed. Fortunately his messaging was strong and his audience grew by leaps and bounds.

But getting on radio in front of millions meant he could sell his programs merely by exploiting their benefits for all to hear. Without that kind of exposure, media attention or infomercials, it’s hard to get in front of people like that.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Your audience is somewhere, and you can find them. There’s always guest blog posts, joint venture partners and collaborations with others in your niche.

And there’s your warm market. My friend’s got 10 years of clients who’ve benefited from his work. Why not create a follow-up product for them? How about an affiliate program for them? Why not get your warm market to sell your services for you?

If you’ve had people witness the benefits of your product or service, don’t be shy to ask them for help. If you truly did help them, they’ll likely be happy to help you.

To some people referrals are their entire business. Don’t neglect those who refer your services. Make sure you treat them like gold.

And to read a bit more about understanding your warm market, check out this post about the importance of your audience’s sophistication.

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