This is the page where we guess what you’d like to know. 

Let’s start with what we’d like you to know. :) 

We’ve been working full-time online since 2013 . . . with Rachel having started her blog back in 2008. 

We do 5 main things: 

1.  FindingJoy.net – a blog about motherhood. It’s got 700,000 fans on Facebook, it got Rachel a book deal time on the Today Show, Keynote Speeches everywhere and a lot of love. But it’s truly about the audience. 

2. BC Stack – Every year in June we compile the best digital marketing courses/classes and trainings from all over the world and attempt to create the most amazing deal you could ever imagine. 

3. PodcastersKit  – Every year in October we do a 2nd BC Stack but we focus it entirely on podcasting. 

4. Blogging Concentrated We put on live, in-person 8-hour workshops around the world teaching bloggers, podcasters, vloggers and digital marketers how to turn their hobby into a career.  ‚ÄčWe also speak at marketing and business conferences everywhere (Zoom and in-person). 

5. Tracing The Path – Tracing the Path is a story telling podcast that weaves together the amazing events, ideas and happenings of the 20th century. It’s used by Homeschool Groups, listened to by Paul Harvey fans and adored by thousands. 

When we’re not doing those things, we’ve got a Brady Bunch family of 13 people. You can find us hiking around Tennessee, running in the neighborhood, improving the house and traveling for date weekends. 

What else would you like to know?