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copywritingThis week I got to crack open the “copywriting” tips I’ve collected over the years. There are a lot of people out there who know a lot of cool stuff.

Anyway, I got an e-mail this week from a friend who made a flyer for her business. The flyer pretty much said “Huge Promotion” at the top and then in different colors listed a bunch of deals on her services.

I believe one said:

“The Business Platinum Plus now only $25.00 a month for the first
three months”

And then it continued to list other “deals”.  If you’re going to create a flyer like that, make sure you send it to one of these two groups ONLY:

1. those who fully understand you, your offerings and the benefits AND have already expressed an interest in buying.

2. people you’ve already spoken with who don’t care about the benefits, they’re just waiting for the great deal you told them about. (more…)

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Easy Authority Ideas

1040195_star_srb_2So your goal is to become the authority in your niche, I suppose. If that’s not your goal – I can only assume you’re running a lottery or counting on first time sales from ads. If you’re doing that and are rocking it – we’d love to hear your secrets. :)

Otherwise. . .

This is going to seem a bit counter intuitive to your current thought process – but this is straight Freud here.

The first thing you want to do, to be seen as an authority right away with your audience, is tell them something they already know. It sounds dumb – but when your thoughts are validated by someone else – trust naturally begins. So go ahead and tell them to put their pants on before their shoes – but tell them why that’s important while you’re doing it. (more…)

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They Just Gave It Away


Ever heard of Sharyn Sheldon? How about Peg Baron?

They’re PLR Specialists. They spend their time writing and researching great content. Then they package that content and sell it to businesses who could use it to educate their audiences. I suppose those businesses could hire a writer, but PLR is a cleaner option than hiring a writer. (No payroll to start with).

But I’m not writing you to tell you about PLR. You can check out Sharyn’s site on your own, if you want. She’s got plenty ofinformation about what it is and how you use it.

Both Peg and Sharyn do some cool ninja marketing that I wanted to share with you. (more…)

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Social Proof


I was wondering what I was going to write about this week. Some weeks there is no Eureka! moment to draw inspiration from. But other weeks I’ll get 11 ideas without effort.

This week, like many, started from the blink of an eye.

I was thumbing through a magazine and almost whizzed by a page about bird feeders (the link is to a similar one). At the top were a couple of traditional bird feeders – but the article was about how to make a bird seed mobile for the birds. (more…)

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Community Building


I got a chance to listen to Bonnie Bough, the global head of social marketing at PepsiCo, talk about Community Building. I was surprised at how insightful some of his basic comments were.

To the best of my transcription ability, here’s a quote from Bonnie:


“I think the real key is to know thine self, and know thine community. Know why you exist or why your brand exists and also
know why your community is participating with that brand – and then service those needs.”


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Finding Your Audience

So what do you do if you have a good idea, but no one knows they need it? I got a chance to think through that this week.

I met with a guy whose product is not currently searched by anyone. He performs a valuable service for construction companies that has saved them a great deal of time and money – however, he can’t prove it.

Because he was only the consultant to his clients, he didn’t have access to their actual numbers – so he’s got no proof statements.

Not only that, but his services don’t have a recognized name and most people don’t know they can save money that way. (more…)

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Managing Referrals

Ever get referred by someone? Usually 1 of 2 things happens. Either you make a new acquaintance/customer or the job just totally blows.

referal marketing

But even if it blows, it sure was nice that someone was thinking of you – enough to bring you business. So what percent of your business is that, anyway? Even for me, word-of-mouth marketing is the greatest thing ever.

So, is there a way we can get more referrals from our friends, family and clients? There is indeed. (more…)

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