WordPress does not help SEO

WordPress does not help SEO. With all the talk about SEO plugins you might think you’re at a disadvantage without WordPress. And without the SEO plugins you might think you’re at a disadvantage compared to those who have them.

But you’d be wrong.

WordPress and SEO just aren’t related in any way.

Wordpress-does-not-help-your-seoSEO is the process by which you prove to the search engines that you are relevant for a given topic. Wordpress itself is just a content management system. WordPress is a program like Microsoft Word, but instead of being designed to create text documents it is designed to create web content. That’s all it is. WordPress is a program that makes it easy for you to put content online. (more…)

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Keywords for clients

yay-1201886Your keywords are the keys to the kingdom. The keywords dictate who comes to your site. If you can bring the right people, you’ll end
up with the right people on your list.

Take a look at the testimonials you (or your client) have received. Which kind of groups have really appreciated your message? Which customers create referrals and which ones don’t? And what is it about your service or product they appreciated?

Also consider what is the ultimate goal? If you’re a speaker, do you want to be the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, or at the Truck Stops of America Convention? That changes who you want to be visible for.. (more…)

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Supporting Keywords

One of my clients asked what articles she needed to be writing. So I sent her a list of keywords I need her to write articles about. The funny thing is, none of them were directly related to people hiring her.

None of them were keywords like “why you should hire me”.

I’m sure that stumped her, though she didn’t say as much. You see Google’s entire goal is to return search results that are relevant to a searcher’s query. They use the three basic criteria to evaluate every page on the internet and from that they decide on which page to show the result. (more…)

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