Keywords for clients

yay-1201886Your keywords are the keys to the kingdom. The keywords dictate who comes to your site. If you can bring the right people, you’ll end
up with the right people on your list.

Take a look at the testimonials you (or your client) have received. Which kind of groups have really appreciated your message? Which customers create referrals and which ones don’t? And what is it about your service or product they appreciated?

Also consider what is the ultimate goal? If you’re a speaker, do you want to be the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, or at the Truck Stops of America Convention? That changes who you want to be visible for..

Only then can you really figure out which keywords to go after. Some keywords are just for visibility. . . they are the ones people look up when researching you. You also have to be visible to the people who don’t know you exist. Those are different keywords.

When building a list the keywords decide how hard you’re going to work tomorrow. If you can attract the people who will hire and refer you, you’ll be able to work less hard every year.

If you just attract the people who want to buy your $8 book, you’ll be working very hard forever.

If you want search traffic, the keywords dictate your future.

If you want your keyword research done for you, reply to this email and tell me what you want to accomplish. We can build a keyword theme map to really help your business grow.  For more on niche internet marketing click here.