Those Related Page Links

6444_email_or_e-mailEver get an email with a subject line like:

March 2011
About Us
Internet Marketing
or Click Here?

If you did, that was odd for sure. Do you recall opening it? I didn’t think so.

Well I noticed on my resveratrol site this week that the links in my navigation bar were just that. One is “grapes”, another “antioxidants”.

It occurred to me that there isn’t anything sexy or compelling about that. Why would anyone click on “grapes”?

Then I came across the site and actually said to myself “This is cool. I should read this more often.” And you know what caused me to say that?

It was the sidebar. They don’t have links like “Cat Food”. Here are some of the related pages links in the sidebar:

We Have So Many Questions About This Self-Cooking Egg Grenade Eight Bits of Radiohead, Four Tons of Flotsam, and 11 Grams of Proctology Surprise Multimillionaire Software Exec Arrested in LEGO-Thieving Bar-Code Scam

Now those are some links. And with them are little thumbnails from the article.

So if you’re thinking about ways to increase your page views, your engagement and traffic – consider the user experience. Does your site really scream “read me!”? ¬†For more on common marketing mistakes click here!