Social Proof


I was wondering what I was going to write about this week. Some weeks there is no Eureka! moment to draw inspiration from. But other weeks I’ll get 11 ideas without effort.

This week, like many, started from the blink of an eye.

I was thumbing through a magazine and almost whizzed by a page about bird feeders (the link is to a similar one). At the top were a couple of traditional bird feeders – but the article was about how to make a bird seed mobile for the birds.

It was basically a couple clothes hangers hung by string with those pine cone / peanut butter things. (You know shove peanut butter in a pine cone and then roll it in bird seed).

So these things were hanging from clothes hangers – maybe six of them all together. It was really prettily pictured with a snowy background. It looked great in the yard.

Anyway, I almost flipped passed it, but that little nagging feeling crept in. What’s wrong with this picture, I thought.

Then looking at the photo of the top 2 with the cardinals and bluejays – it was instant!

The “peanut butter pine cone” photos had no birds in them. They had pretty photos – but nobody was eating the seed.

It looked ridiculous. Why would I endeavor to make a pretty bird feeder if birds don’t even use it?

There was no social proof that it worked. I suppose 2nd hand quotes from people who’d built it would have been good – but seriously –
there were no birds on the feeder.

Social Proof.

Are you using it in your marketing?

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