The About Me Section

consumer-buying-processI got asked today what a person should write in the About Me section of their site. Interesting to me that this question was asked.

First of all you have to decide WHY you want a section called About Me. What is the point of that page on your site?

If you answer “because everyone else has one” then we’ve got more talking to do. But if you can truly answer that question – write the answer down and make it your About Me section.

If you don’t know why you want to – let’s determine if your site needs that page. Sure it’s the most looked at page on a website for many people – but that doesn’t mean you need it.

No matter what the “About Me” section isn’t really about you at all, it’s about the business and what it does for the reader. When the reader is done reading the About page they should know a lot about your site. They should know:

  • How you get started
  • What are the hard to find gems
  • What happens on site in a regular week, is there a schedule?
  • What do you send by email?
  • Do you have products that will help the audience?
  • What’s coming up?

Whether you have an About Me section is up to you.

Help them make the reader decided to come back by giving them the tools to do so.