Website Conversions

544853_question_markI got a chance to chat with Sue Painter ( recently about increasing web
conversions.It was a great conversation – to which much was discussed. And before I get any further you should know that you can listen to that recording here:

But let me get to the meat of it. The bottom line is this: If you want to convert more window shoppers to customers you have to combine logic and art.

You have to use both the right and left brain, analyzing and creating.

Question 1. What do you want your customer to do right here on this page? (If you can’t answer that, then we’re not ready for a website conversion discussion yet.)

Question 2. Is it extremely clear that’s what you want them to do? Are you giving them mixed signals like an opt-in box on one side and a buy button on the other?

Question 3. Do others agree with you? Can they tell you what the most important part of the page is – and does it match what you think?

Question 4. Have you matched the goal of the page with the mindset of the customer? It doesn’t matter whether you’re inviting them to something, selling something or asking them to opt-in, Sue Painter says you need to meet these three requirements:

  • Does it fulfill a compelling need?
  • Does it fulfill an urgent desire?
  • Do they want its deep rooted benefit?

If you can successfully work your way through those questions, you’ll have made great strides towards better conversions.

The last part is A/B testing. Things like colors, headlines, backgrounds, copy – they all matter. So start testing options and start winning!

If you think you’re 100% on target with everything above – then you likely have a target market problem. Where is your traffic coming from? Are the people you want to come to the page coming, or are you attracting someone else to the page that you didn’t intend. That’s the analytical part of the whole thing. Do the numbers match? For more on Niche Internet Marketing click here.