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This may seem strange, all right it is strange, but I was most moved to thought when I heard the following:

People Do Not Want 1/4″ Drill Bits, They Want 1/4″ Holes.

Sure you’ve heard that before, but for me it was a breakthrough thought. Hmm. . . people want the end result. So how do I apply that to my world? I’m actually not sure. My goal is to create the best place on the ‘net for folks to research cool places to take kids. Applying this ‘drill thought’ to my business from a logical standpoint would be to say:

People Do Not Want the Research, They Want The Vacation.

But I know that’s not right, I just need to figure out how it applies. If you have thoughts, please comment and help me narrow my thought process. In the meantime, I’m going to finish my breakfast and think:

I Do Not Really Want The Cheese Blintz, I Want The Joy That Comes From The Weight Gain. :)


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  1. Tom Wacha

    Dan Morris said “People Do Not Want the Research, They Want The Vacation.” – close, but they don’t want the vacation either , they want the memories.

    I was at a friends house recently and could not help but notice that of the many photos on their walls over 3/4 were taken at their lake house. Why is that? I don’t think it is because nothing worth noting happens during their everyday life. Its because their lake house gives them a chance to get away from the everyday. Gives them a chance to create memories. Sure they want the break, want to relax, want to have fun, etc… but they really want the memories because good memories are the result of being able to do those things.

    Its not so much where the vacation is but the memories it will create. The key is the marketing. Be a provider of great memories by finding what people really want out of a vacation and handing it over to them. The details are really not important (who cares if my backdrop is the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore?) which allows ClipperShip Travel huge flexibility in putting those memory packages together.

    Stay in peace. Your friend,

    Tom Wacha

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