January NAMS is Right Around the Corner. Are You Ready for 2010?

NAMS is right around the corner.

It sure does seem like every year at this time I have grandiose plans for next year. The problem is that it happens every year. Shouldn’t my plans for next year be so big and promising that I would be able to retire by year’s end?

Well, I’ve figured out wherein lies my error. My plans are consistently generic, great hopes. They’re not usually step by step, line by line, playbook plans. Like this year I wanted to get a blog up and going. Well, mission accomplished. Really?

umair shuaib.
Get Ready for Fun!

What I should have said and am now saying is that I want to have a blog up by x date. I will have generated x traffic by x date. I will have generated x money from x traffic by x date. And finally, I want to have perfected the system to duplicate that by year’s end. Now that’s a little more concrete. Isn’t it?

Well, my first goal is to have my product up for sale, and a membership site up and running by the time NAMS comes around in January.  I also plan to have written an action plan for NAMS before Christmas (now that the schedule is on paper) and be distributing that to my NAMS friends by January 1st.

NAMS is where you can get your head on straight. Experts with answers to questions. People good at setting goals all around you. A place to figure out what you don’t know, and learn it. AND the end of January is the perfect time to attend the NAMS event in Atlanta.

Recover from the holidays. Figure out what you want to do in 2010.  Put together my yet-to-be-written action plan before NAMS. And then learn as much as a person can learn in 72 hours. Awesome!

Sign up for NAMS (the best internet marketing conference) today. (NAMS SIGN UP PAGE HERE) Prepare for 2010, tomorrow.

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  1. Annemarie OBea

    I’m in the same mindset dan. I want a site up, and a product ready to go so I can put all tactics learned to work. So heres my issue, I dont havd the product. I have tons of ideas, but need to research. Decide on physical product or information. etc.

    If you want to spend a little brainstorming type via skype while you work on your plan. Give me a shout, I’d love to join in. This year, I want to go in there rarin to go, so I can ignore the tactics i am not interested in, and laser focus on the ones I am.

    Let me know.

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