The 10 Best Places to Get Links

560026_linksThat’s a bold claim, isn’t it?  What are the 10 best places to get links to your site?  The problem answering it is I can really only give you the 10 Best Places for YOUR site, not everyone’s.

Can you imagine 10 places that both an Astrology Teacher and an Apricot Farmer could stand together and sell products? Hmm. . . (more…)

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TEDx Nashville Brilliance

tedHave you ever been to a TED event?
I very much wish I’d had a bus and could’ve bring you and all
my other friends to TEDx Nashville. I won’t say that every
speech has been great, but there were a couple that were just fantastic!

My favorite, by far, was a speech by Greg Stielstra, the author of PyroMarketing. He said what you and I know about social media but in such an astute way that it just grabs your attention immediately. (more…)

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Ideas for Domain Names You’re Not Using

875940_www_-_url_2So, do you have a bunch of domain names you’re not using? Did you buy them because you thought they were cool or in your niche and now need to use them?

Well, here are some ideas to get you going:

The first idea is to create a directory site. You may have to become a member of UAW to do this, but that’s worth it anyhow. ( is my affiliate link to that). Once you become a member of UAW (which is an article spinning site that I love), you’ll get access to the free Directory in a Box software. Very nice stuff. (more…)

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