Keyword research is like studying for a test

Keyword research is truly like studying for a test. If traffic is the answer then keyword research is the text book.

When people are searching for you, the only tool they have at their disposal are words. Letters and numbers are what people use when searching for products, services, information or entertainment. Put together those letters and numbers entered into the search box are keywords.

A thorough understanding of these keywords is paramount to the success of any webpage, in terms of people finding it via the search engines (ie. . . Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)

At the NAMS 4 event in Atlanta, Georgia I sat with Lynn Terry, Susanne Meyers, and Karon Thackston on a keyword research symposium.  We talked about search statistics, keyword density, wordtracker, and 10 other vital tips.

And while I’ve been rewarded with #1 positions and great relevant traffic to my clients’ local business websites, I was floored by the information Lynn, Susanne and Karon had at their fingertips. These ladies know their stuff backwards, forwards and upside down. This information is so good, I learned a ton to make my business better.  We recorded this 90 minute mastermind session, and are offering it just for you.

This MP3 download:

  • delivers almost 90 minutes of focused discussion, tips and techniques for easy and practical keyword research.
  • breaks down complex keyword research ideas into manageable pieces.
  • explains the various research tools and how to choose the right one for you.
  • gives you an easy plan of action for finding the best keywords for use with websites, blog posts, articles, and social media.

I guarantee your SEO knowledge will increase, your rankings will get better and your traffic will be more relevant after listening to this audio.  Go to the NAMS site and get it now!

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  1. DanRMorris

    I appreciate your kind words. The NAMS Keyword Research product really is good. I couldn’t believe how much Karon Thackston knew – I’ll be checking out her keyword products.

  2. Regina Smola

    Dan, thanks so much for sharing your keyword research knowledge at NAMS4. All of you gave great tips that I will be using for my own websites. Looking forward to re-listening to the MP3 too.

  3. Ken Montville

    This is especially true if you’re looking for information about lederhosen.

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