The Structure of Social Media for Small Business

Structuring your social media platform as a business gives you an opportunity not available to a consultant or sole proprietorship. While I spend a good deal of the time branding my own image, a company has the option of allowing it’s “employee faces” to brand themselves as employees or to make the “employee faces” anonymous giving all the credit to the company. (more…)

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Does your company website make sense?

So you’ve got a website and you’re proud of it. In fact, many of you were probably excited to tell people once it was up and going.  I’ve got some questions for you. What is it for? What does it do? How do people find it? How do people use it? Do you know the answers to any of these questions? (more…)

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Facebook Isn’t for You Is It?

yay-7256124When you want a Facebook Page –  that’s when you shouldn’t create one. There is nothing strategic about “wanting”.  From a business standpoint, Facebook is a tool no less or more useful than is a hammer for a handyman.
If you’ve spent anytime trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your Facebook page – you’ve thought it backwards.
Your customers are your business and thus your time should be spent on any one of three things as it pertains to that: (more…)

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Crafting the Marketing Plan

yay-3618115The biggest problem most people have trying to write their marketing plan is getting stuck on the details. They got bogged in some detail and can’t move beyond it.

So don’t let details slow your plan.

Your marketing plan should almost reflect a flow chart.  Work it backwards from the day you receive your first check to now. What had to have happened for that first customer to have given you money? (more…)

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