Write More Product Reviews: Product Review Template

Writing a product review isn’t difficult but most people forget the most important parts which are all the bad things about the product and who the product is for. Seeing that there are crucial pieces to the puzzle, we made this template to make sure you didn’t miss the important stuff.

Title: (Use keyword research for the product type, like 42″ Lawnmower, but also include the Brand Name.

Make sure to mention the keyword and brand name in the first paragraph.

What Does the Product Do?

Tell why you bought the product, what was the situation you needed it for and what it does beyond that. Think of some good other examples.

But who is it for? Read on…

Who Can Use This Product?

The main goal here is to help someone qualify themselves as user of the product and help other qualify themselves as not needing the product. For instance does a single person need a 12 quart crock pot?

What is Great About the Product?

Here’s where you want to talk about the product, using the product’s name. Talk about the good parts, the features you liked and the benefits you get from it. Explain why it is better than alternatives.

Which brings me to the next point…

What is Not Great

In this section talk about any features mentioned in the advertising that you didn’t use, care about or didn’t work. Those features contribute to the price so let the reader know whether the price is still justified with out those.

Then talk about anything that you didn’t like otherwise. Maybe the hair dryer didn’t fit in your drawer. Maybe it took too long to ship or they used environmentally bad packing products. Explain how you overcame the bad parts.

Should you get it?

Make this part bold. Yes you should get it or no. Tell them when they should get rid of if they are going to buy it. The best place to buy it. And remind them to not get this 12 quart crock pot if they are single and only eat cheetos.