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Best Podcast for 8th Graders

I didn't know Tracing the Path was the best podcast for 8th graders. I didn't know it until I began helping my 8th graders with their social studies homework. My 8th graders were studying Eli Whitney, the Industrial revolution and the beginning of the suffrage movement.

That's all the basic stuff, but their notes, worksheets and books were so "social studies".

Just as when I was a kid, their 8th grade social studies lessons haven't expanded at all. Their Westward Expansion chapter was about the Erie Canal and Railroads and the National Highway. I had them listen to the Post Office episode of the Tracing the Path Podcast where they learned that it was the carrying of mail that paid for that expansion.

Furthermore, on the podcast, they learned how hard it would be to convince your family to move far away from the life they know without any ability to reach friends and family, that's where the Post Office comes in. With the promise of mail, the ability to order products and reach family, Americans were eager for Westward Expansion.

And in the podcast episodes about the Wizard of Oz and the Wright Brothers, 8th graders learn all about the suffrage movement. While 8th grade social studies focuses on Susan B. Anthony, Tracing The Path listeners learn the role of Katharine Wright, learn about colleges that offered degrees to women, the role of the Wizard of Oz and the first women pilots.

Not only that but Tracing the Path is the best podcast for 8th graders because it ties all those events to the 20th Century and today's world.

Learn the ties between Charles Dickens and Helen Keller and racial justice, between the Potato Famine and The Beatles, between Galileo and World War II and the Rolex Watch, the color Blue and the Holocaust.

Everything the kids are learning in 8th grade, Tracing The Path connects in ways the students never thought possible. And more importantly it connects the past to things that matter to students today.

Tracing the Path is the best podcast for 8th graders, bottom line.Enter your text here...