Steve Hartman Podcast – Stories from CBS Sunday Morning

Yes, I started my podcast because I love Steve Hartman from the  CBS Sunday Morning program called “On The Road”.  As I mentioned in my earlier posts about Paul Harvey and Charles Osgood, these gentlemen tell stories in a narrated fashion that just draw you in.

I think it’s the pacing and tone of Steve Hartman’s stories that I really love. There’s no hype, no crazy voices, no yelling, no laugh track. It’s just great storytelling.

With my Tracing The Path Podcast, I wanted to capture the essence of Steve Hartman’s stories. Unlike Paul Harvey’s stories which leave you in awe, On The Road is really about stories that warm your heart. I have always felt there was a way to combine those two things.

I think Steve Hartman’s basketball team stories are where I was first introduced to his voice, to his style. In one story the autistic student basketball team manager gets to play in the final game. In another a basketball team from a juvenile detention center enters the arena filled with fans they didn’t know they had.

My goal with Tracing the Path is to fill a void between CBS Sunday Morning episodes and since Paul Harvey/Charles Osgood are no longer on the air.

If you’re a fan of those, I challenge you to check out Tracing The Path for yourself.