Your Blog Must Have A Theme

To have a successful blog, and by that I mean one that not only attracts traffic but is easy to monetize, you need to have a consistent theme. The “blog about my life” isn’t nearly as marketable or as “follow-able” as the Digital Camera Blog or Internet Marketing Blog. In fact you can’t even get some of the bigger companies to advertise on your blog unless it is theme based. Here’s what Netflix requires before they’ll agree to advertise on your blog:

* Related content

* Consistency with their brand, products or business model

Netflix, Inc.

* Related advertising or merchants

* Distinct method of promotion

That doesn’t mean that your blog won’t necessarily make it to the top with extra effort, persistence and hard work. It just means that you may be disappointed when you show your neighbor how to load WordPress and you find out 3 months later he gets more traffic and better advertisers.

So don’t know the idea – and don’t jump on it. Just keep forward with that in mind.

(P.S. Netflix is as cool as it gets – so in my book they can be as scrupulous as they want to be.)

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