Can you start a new site outside your niche?

Prior to going to BlogWorldExpo I’ve maintained the position that trying to build an audience in a new, unrelated niche wasn’t the best idea. The whole point of list building and empire creation is culling together an audience of similar interests to which you can create a community.

Starting a second site in a related niche means you have the power of your community behind you. Emailing your loyal fishing enthusiasts about your new rainbow trout site makes a ton of sense. You get instant engagement and typically great testimonials from the old people. And doesn’t it make more sense than inviting all your fishing enthusiasts to your new quilting website? (more…)

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Why are you doing that again?

There are so many things to do, isn’t there? Podcasts, Pinterest, Facebook, e-books, email, Flickr, Youtube, Hubpages, Google Places, backlinks, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Cinch, Slideshare, Instagram, Digg, BlogTalkRadio, Kunaki. . . the list goes on and on.

Does the existence of a social network, a social utility or a marketing tool mean you have to use them? Of course it doesn’t, but then why do so many companies maintain presences on all of them? The answer is purpose.

When you begin your marketing efforts, make sure you have a plan and can execute that plan. If you can successfully execute an entire marketing plan on one network, then you can probably expand that to two. A well executed plan means you’ve tested your messaging so that it attracts the right people to your funnel. Then you’ve tested the parts of the funnel so you’ve maximized the number of prospects that make it to your goal.  Finally, you’ve tested the backend and have found surefire ways to monetize them over and over again. (more…)

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Marketing Checklist

banner-retargeting-marketing-strategyHow do you know if your marketing makes sense. Here’s a simple checklist for you:

1. Tracking. No matter what it is, whether it is a guest blog post, a yellow page ad, a billboard or web banner make sure there is some form of tracking so we can tell at the end of the year what worked and what didn’t. Whether that’s trackable phone numbers, trackable url’s,, it doesn’t matter. Just be able to track it. (more…)

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Don’t Start That


Have you met my folks? They run and they’re not even Geeks. My dad didn’t have any real internet or marketing expertise before starting it. And my mom, well we call her “smartest +1”. . .

Anyway, they built this great business that generates revenue from organic traffic clicking online Adsense ads. They also have a couple ebooks, some direct advertisers and some list building.

What they don’t have are dates or ties that really bind them to their site. They don’t have clients, deadlines, membership programs, forums, speaking engagements or really anything that ties them down every week. (more…)

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