The Plunger Guy

I came across a keyword string this week that was unbelievable. I mean I thought about giving up all the work I’m doing to pursue this niche. I’m talking about tons of keywords in this niche that had 1,000+ searches and virtually no competition. Just astounding.

Two things stood in my way from tackling this “Jewell of the Nile”. The first was ethics. I was doing keyword research for a client and couldn’t turn around and use that research for myself. However, I did give that person notice that if they chose not to take on that line of keywords, I was going to do it myself.  (insert Facebook appropriate happy face)

The second thing standing in my way was Lynn Terry.  I mean look at this picture:

Lynn’s Low Carb Traveler project is fantastic. When I think about starting a new project, I typically think of her site. While she has other “anonymous” sites as do I, I can see the power of not being anonymous. The ability to leverage your existing audience into a niche you happen to love seems like the perfect match. She has been so focused on her site that some people probably only know her as  the “low carb lady”, which is about as cool as it gets in your niche.

So I’m looking at this keyword (for which I’m going to substitute the term “toilet plunger” instead of divulging this beauty) and I’m thinking to myself “Do I really want to be the  Toilet Plunger Guy?” I’m not in the mood for anonymous sites anymore. I want to be excited about it and want others to get excited too. Again, do I really want to become the Toilet Plunger King of Nashville?

How can I aggressively go after something I really don’t love? How many plunger posts am I going to enjoy writing? How many hardware stores am I going to stop in just so I can interview the manager about good plunger etiquette? And I am going to Instagram the truck stop plunger on my next road trip?

So I implore you. Think of what you love about the world. I don’t care if it is the smell of freshly mown grass. Whatever it is write it down. Then think of the other 50 things you love about the world (fireflies, hot air balloons, hot chocolate, unbroken seashells, etc. . . ) and then do keyword research to see if that concept would make a viable business.

My folks did it with Front Porches. Young House Love did it with home renovation. Leslie Samuel is doing it with Biology.  Lynn Terry is doing it with Low Carb Meals. What is it you like to do, to talk about, to photo, to dream. . . .? Why not at least do the research. You owe it to your smile.