Moving People to Your List

marketing It costs a lot of time and energy to get a customer. It might sound easy, but there’s a whole lot of steps between the time someone doesn’t know you exist to the point they’re buying something from you. If you don’t endeavor to “capture” information from each person – you’re relying on HOPE as your marketing plan.

As you’ll hear me say over and over again. . . .

“HOPE IS NOT A MARKETING PLAN” (click here to get the merchandise)

One of them I wrote about on my blog this week, after going to a

Darryl Worley concert the other night. I noticed there that the musical artists performing made no attempt to capture the names and e-mail addresses of the folks in the audience. In the post I spoke about a few ideas they could have used to achieve that means.

Getting your  customers to your website and into your list should be a critical part of your marketing efforts. When someone buys something from you, don’t forget to inspire them to get on your list. Have your web address printed on  the register receipts for “special discounts and promos”.

Use surveys, postcards and giveaways to drive people back to the web.  Give away coupons with a blank line they have to fill in to redeem. If they go to your website and register, they’ll get an e-mail with the code to put on the coupon. Easy, eh?

Remember if you have to type their name into the computer, you’re either missing a step or going above and beyond.  Just think. . . what will you do when you get 1,000 names/week? You’ve got to figure out how to automate it

Carrie Wilkerson puts a shortened url on her PowerPoint slides that point to an opt-in box to get something – relevant to the slide of course.

E-mail marketing doesn’t sound sexy but it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers. With it you can get them involved in contests, move them to your Facebook page, invite them in to get a discount and solve any problems they may have.

If you can give your customers something they want, they’ll  likely give you their e-mail address in order to open or download it or use it.  For more on niche internet marketing.