Should You Manually Add Emails?


So this week I was asked “how do you get people who give you their email address at a live event, how do you get them onto your list?”

Let’s start with the reason that you’re speaking. What is that reason? If the reason is to move your BUSINESS forward, then we have room to talk.

If it’s for any other reason (like ego or for fun) then the answer to your question is to click on the email subscription button on your website and input their email address into that form. To make sure they click the subscription button, make sure the “verification email” they will get says “Thanks for coming to the presentation today” and then “please click here to start getting coupons and deals”. And hope for the best. :) (more…)

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Setting Up the Backend

yay-6430360One of the hard parts about marketing and subsequently building a database of your customers is the back-end.
Even trying to market a single product can be difficult to do effectively, if you don’t have the back end in place. Once you’ve done the work necessary to acquire new customers, there’s no sense is spending the same money attracting them again. When you get their contact information, you have a “back end”.
The propensity of a person to buy something from you is highest if they remember you, trust you and appreciate the information you’re presenting. Having just bought a product from you, or having just eaten in your restaurant you already know you’ve jumped that hurdle. (more…)

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Getting Email Addresses

spam-email-filterGetting email addresses is a pretty important part of any business strategy. I mean, if you spent all that time reaching out to the customer in the first place – do you really want to do it again?

So at our MeetUp this week, we spent the time talking about great ways to get email addresses. Here’s some ideas for you – but if you have ideas of your own – don’t be shy. Please pass them on to the rest of us. (more…)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers at Bonnaroo: Marketing Brilliance

I turned on YouTube the other night to catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers taking the stage at Bonnaroo. In fact, I turned it on a few minutes early and watched the stage hands finish up prepping the equipment. But what caught my eye and hopefully the eyes of millions of people watching around the world were the two screens on either side of the main stage.

Imagine the darkest night with only a few flashlights on an almost imperceptible stage. But then like a sun in blackness, two red billboards shown out over the crowd. Both said “Buy and download tonight’s concert, go to”. And history is made. (more…)

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