Signature Line Power

Did you know that the signature line has power? yay-3580317
If you use Outlook or something like that I’m sure your signature line has your name, title, phone, fax (ha!) and extension number in it.
But that’s not dynamic, or interesting or valuable. Actually, it’s probably quite valuable. In business emails I love it when the person’s phone number is in the signature line.
But you don’t HAVE to use it the way people normally do.
What if you started your signature line with “best regards, your name” then put a P.S. after it? You could change that every week with a new P.S. you wanted them to know.

What if you started it with “And, . . . ” thus it melded into your email as if it were part of your email. Then you could dynamically change every single autoresponder at once telling them about your new offer, idea, promotion or blog post.

Don’t just leave the signature line sitting there. Make it powerful!