The “How do I get everything set up right in YouTube to rank, dominate, grow?” Program

A break-through program to help get your YouTube channel running in the right direction


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • How do I get more people to subscribe to my videos?
  • Why aren’t more people coming to my site from my videos?
  • I don’t know how to produce content for my YouTube Channel and my site.
  • I want to do more videos, but I don’t want to spend the time if they’re not going to look professional and build the business.
  • I’d do more videos but I just have the right set-up yet

We’ve put together a program to answer all those questions and a whole lot more. In Video Riser you’re going to learn:

Channel Setup

Setting it up for Unsubscribers and for Subscribers
Make sure your Channel is being featured on other people’s Channels
Create themes and a path for your visitors

Audience Growth

Understand the role of audience engagement and how to use it
Know where to market your videos depending on whether they inspire, educate or entertain


Know the 5 ways to advertise video inside YouTube
How to use annotations and CTA’s to monetize the videos outside of YouTube
Know the extra benefits you get with increased subscribers


Understanding keywords, descriptions and tags
Collaborating with other vloggers
Learn why longer video views mean more exposure


Learn how to create chapter headings to allow people to click around
Drive traffic to “tent pole” videos to drive more sales and interest
Create audience engagement
Create annotations that don’t bother your audience

Content Strategy

Mapping out your stake, tent pole and big top videos
Learn the value of format, schedule, elements and voice


Learn how to measure the three critical data points
Learn the difference among the three audience sources
Set goals and work to attain them

Google +

Understand what role Google+ plays in YouTube
How to autoshare to Google+ and drive subscribers
Learn how to navigate the YouTube section of Google+

Video Setup

On-screen persona. . . and much much more

If you’re ready to get your YouTube world kicked into high gear, get started today: