The Symphony Strategy

I’m not sure if you know this but I interviewed some cool companies for our Marketing Calendar Product. One of those companies was the Nashville Symphony.
Recently I got a chance to sit down with them and learn more about their social media strategy; they’re one of the few symphonies in the world that has a social media staff.
The most interesting thing about their role is that is has nothing to do with sales. (You probably read more about that in my interview with Nissan and how they do their social media).
Their only goal is community engagement and involvement. And their metrics are all about comments, likes, questions, emails, discussions, followers and stuff like that. They truly want to be a community partner.
But that’s not why I wrote you today. I thought you’d be interested in seeing their “micro-social media” strategy. This is what they try to do every day. I thought it was fascinating:
Facebook:  No less than 1 post per day, no more than 3. They respond within one hour.  They use to manage their Facebook comments
Twitter: No more than 22 tweets per day, no less than 3. Respond within 15 minutes. They use Hootsuite to manage their tweets.
YouTube: A new :90 second video 2 times per week.
Tumblr: One post per department, per day (that’s amazing to me)
Instagram: Share Photos & Likes to Twitter
Email: No more than 2 emails per week to one address
That’s real strategy and thinking eh? Are you being that “on purpose” about your efforts? And was that cool or what? Come over to and chat it up!