List Building Ideas

1. Giveaways – How much is a customer worth to you? Would it be
worth $79 to get 50 new customers? If so, why not buy a Flip Video
Camera and offer it as a giveaway to people who sign up?

2. When customers buy goods and services, do they get a receipt
from you? Why not ask them for their email address then? “Sign up
and be the first to get discounts, sale information and know about
new products first”.

3. Membership or Privileged Access – Give away a pass code to get
into your members only discount club or forum or to see your case
studies. Whatever it is. People love to belong.

4. Product Registration – Offer them free ebook upgrades or
research or new notes when they register they bought a product from

5. Put a form on your website that asks people to sign up and get
something from you. A report, poster, white paper, forum, etc. . .

6. Contests – You already know what that means, don’t you? But what
if you set up your contest so you got one extra entry for every
person you referred to the contest? Offer an iPad and you’ll get
lots of sign-ups.

7. Squeeze Page – Create a squeeze page (e-mail me if you don’t
know what that is) and put the url on your biz card, brochures,
website, advertising, etc. . .

8. Seminars – Hold seminars at your place of business that people
have to register to attend.

9. . . . to be filled in