Every successful business – from Southwest Airlines to Apple to The Huffington Post to your website depends on having a solid framework for their company’s structure.  There are systems and strategies in place for all the facets of the business that support the outer portion that the world sees.

Do you have the framework build for your site? Do you have your site organized, optimized, branded and a clear focus for all you need to do? Have you spent time creating a solid organizational strategy? What about income and planning for taxes? A media kit or a sponsor deck?

Without spending time on these critical systems our online business can remain stagnent – without movement and without the solid foundation to move forward. The Blogging Concentrated Framework Summit provides all you need to fill in the gaps, create strategic action plans, to have the resources you need, to organize your money and to leverage your brand. In fact, when you work through Framework you won’t have to wonder or worry about missing pieces to your business – they’ll be all put together providing you solid peace of mind as the boss – of your blog.


    The Motive Matrix: Creating Focused Effort
    Using Evernote
    How to Organize
    How to Focus Your Time
    Business Structure
    Creating an Operations Manual


    Getting Public Speaking Jobs
    Personal Branding
    Optimizing Your Online Profile
    Linked In (with Ted Prodomou)
    Creating Media Kits, Sponsor Decks and One Notes
    Developing a Media Kit


    Build Teams, Systems and Leverage
    Using a VA


    Making Smart Money Decisions
    What Services Can We Offer
    Tax Webinar
    How to Sell Your Business

Listen. If there is one thing we’ve learned in the last five years training, teaching, and helping bloggers grow their business it’s this – the more you plan ahead the faster your company will grow.

Don’t wait to build your Framework.

$97 or Free With your BC Prime Membership