Some friends and I got together and created an astounding and inspirational book.

The idea is simple. . . answer the question “So, what do you do?”. What I didn’t expect in Joel Comm’s new book was the variety, the heart-lifting joy and the genius in each story. But, I think more than anything it was the sincerity that I loved when I got to read each of the stories for the first time.


When they say “stop and smell the roses”. . . I smile because I’m probably on my phone and I didn’t want them to know I couldn’t really hear what they were saying. With this book, I feel like I get to do that. I get to stop and appreciate someone else for a few minutes.

I’m the kind of guy that keeps myself so busy I fall asleep almost as soon I put my head on the pillow. Another reason I love the book is because all the stories are 3 – 4 pages of genius, just enough for me to read a full section before I fall asleep with a smile.

Each author’s story is a joyous celebration of contribution.

In this book you’ll discover, through the words of others, a new perspective of you. You’ll leave each chapter smiling knowing that only together are we able to improve the world. Kinda makes you realize that you matter too.

Every job, every role, every hidden smile. . . there is something in us all that makes this world great. I invite you to discover that about yourself. Pick up a copy of Joel Comm’s new book “So, What Do You Do?” and see for yourself.

P.S. You can read my chapter on page 111.