How to send an RSS Feed to your Twitter Account

Oooh. . . this is pretty exciting actually, especially for small business owners who would like to have a Twitter account, but really don’t have the time to keep it up-to-the-minute fresh. Here’s a free, great method to supply your Twitter account with great information about your niche.

Wait. . . does that even make sense? Isn’t Twitter a social media¬† property that really requires personal networking?¬† Despite every social media expert in the country saying the opposite, you definitely don’t need to be present all the time and you don’t need to be creating relationships.

To say that is mandatory is to ignore the usefulness of NPR, PBS, Wikipedia and the Weather Channel. All of those mediums are watched and subscribed to by people just looking for information. So be that source for those looking for information. This is one way to do that – send an RSS feed directly to your Twitter account.

In a short 5 minute watch you can see me lay the whole thing out in this short video clip:

Watch the RSS Feed to Twitter video

But the steps in prose are this:

  • Figure out what it is you want to send to Twitter. Are you wanting your audience to get information, information and offers, advertisements, or entertainment.
  • Find the information you’re looking for by searching Google and then clicking the “more” button for Blogs. Basically you want Google to find you information on your topic specifically having and RSS feed.
  • In the URL bar, at the far right is an orange RSS symbol (see graphic in this post), click it and pick the one that says “Subscribe to RSS feed”.
  • Copy that RSS feed URL bar address, and then open a new tab and go to
  • Create an account, including adding in your Twitter account log-in information. When it asks you to add RSS feed, paste the URL spot and give it a nickname.
  • As long as you have a Twitter account, you’re done. If not, you’ll have to get a Twitter account first.Now go watch the movie before you ask questions. I think made it much clearer there.

Go watch this movie!

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  1. DanRMorris

    No, the feed posts to Twitter as often as you indicate in the “Settings”. For my client sites, I’ll have 10 or 11 feeds that post between 3- 5 times per day each. That means if you follow that account, you’re likely going to get 30 – 50 tweets per day about that subject.

  2. Gina Parris

    Yay! I love this. Going to do it this afternoon. So, I’m guessing that it only posts to our feed one time so there is no reason not to send the rss feed from all our favorite sources of good info?

  3. DanRMorris

    Jing (By Techsmith) is cool. I’m not sure why more people don’t use it. (Mrs. Lucky, my high school English teacher would have circled that sentence in red).

    Anyway, short videos like that are great for showing how to do something. I’m learning how to zoom and highlight – so soon they’ll be better.

  4. Carla McNeil, Social Media Marketing Mentor

    Dan your awesome! You make this so nice, easy and simple to attach to my Twitter feed. Your style of delivery is great, just like I am sitting beside you watching. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video it is so beneficial for my business to be able to do this quickly and easily.

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