How to do Keyword Research the Right Way!

Kicking off our January SEO series with Part One about Keywords.

Dan Morris: Anyway, we are talking this month about SEO. First this week, it’s going to be one class one. It is going to on keywords, keywords, keywords. We’re going to talk about on how basically ways on search engine, how is it work, we’re gonna talk about, you haven’t heard about bathroom story, we have bathroom story for you then we gonna begin because I’m gonna make a little bit different and we’re gonna talk about keyword themselves, where we can get them, what’s bad, what’s good, how do they work, why do we need them, why they are poor, how do they change our lives, all from that stuff.So I’m here with Darren Crawford and we’re about to talk about keywords, keywords, keywords. Anything Dan?

Darren: I do not.

Dan Morris: So if I click right here, that’s exactly what I just said. How does a search engine work? What is SEO? The $1000 Bathroom story, Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.Oh! I’m gonna try to keep this to an hour, that is my goal. Alright, so now class 2 is why we need SEO? Sound exciting! You need this because when you get traffic for regularly and you don’t have the work for the traffic every single day, we talk about the side benefits of doing keyword research, why we gonna do that, we don’t want to talk damn side of SEO, what are the problems, why we spend our time for that. In class 3, we’re going to talk about what kind of things to actually affect your SEO, this class we’re gonna talk about from inside site. In class 4, we talk about what we can do outside. Let’s start in what is search engine. This is seems a damn question because we used search engines. What I think people don’t remember very much is that it is something accompany it is a or most of them are public, they are out there to make money so some people say that SEO is dead but until the day that people stops using search engine, that’s the day I suppose it is die but to this point, almost people are searching, google, yahoo, bing are trying to make money from that then it’s alive and well and its services helps us so keep in mind that search engine is lout to make money and that day that they stop doing their job very well, it is the day that we move to another search engine and I’m using yahoo, I’m using google, there will be a day that we will use something else probably in a company that have a better so remember they are out to make money and they’re trying their best to serve us what we need to be served, the search results based on what we want, when we understand that concept, we can understand how to get top of that results pages.

Now the way straight to the bathroom, I need back, previous, that’s the last one. That’s the next one, stand by for 3 minutes. I think it’s crazy faster, I think it’s because I wanna spend time on keywords that I do on this part but I wanna explain this part. So this is a hallway, talk about a thousand bathroom story. As I said a moment ago, the search engine is a competent and every time you search for something, they are bang to success of their company on those results. Sometimes, I go from google to youtube because I get a better result there or in twitter if it’s a breaking news, something like that. We call these a thousand dollars bathroom story because the question is which one of these doors in the hallway is a bathroom and what time you’ve willing to bet a $1000 to the right one, that’s a question. As you can see right now, it’s a room with doors. The search engine has millions of many websites until you do some other things in SEO, you can really nothing to tell one from another. This is just code. What will help us figure out which one is the door, is the bathroom. What kind of thing will help us to know in making $1000 bet and one who feel comfortable in making this one? So here’s the first one, you see pictures on these doors, title in the door and the graphics.These doors have a titles. But I would be pretty close to this point, you’ll never know that one of this is a new generous cozy, new bathroom, or someone else, so the title is good, it gives us lot of information. Think about your website, your blog post, your page, wherever it is, youtube video if you don’t have a good title that describes it, how search engines supposed to know, how they gonna bet their financial future on that piece of information. So number 1 is title, what is this picture on the door, you have a title on a door and a little bit of information of handicap, this additional information for handicap people can gives you a little bit of description of what’s inside, the description is also very important, if your page doesn’t have a description, then it’s one cut against you. So make sure whatever it is, it has a description. Now, there are form of description like sometimes you have a category on your site, make sure that top area or top part of description is filled out just to help search engine see giving them a little bit more of information. There are common concepts that we have to understand.

The third factor is Sign. There are all kinds of signs, found in the next, there are sign that are pointed to the bathroom.Now, I went to Venice a few years ago, there are sign in the wall that pointed to the bathroom, my body marked and I fall signs and found in a restaurants. Those signs are helpful for us to find the bathroom. If you can see all kinds of signs here and in the web, there are links coming in to your site, we talk about the power of the sign. Now here’s the picture of people, picture of judge, chef, manager, construction foreman, people that you typically trust if you’re asking them where the bathroom of this building, so part of what goes in the value of signs, value of where these informations coming so for example if you post a museum sites decided to link to your astronomy sites, that museum sites have a lot of power to public institutions, lot of link from school and got a power trust. That power trust linked to your site gives your site more power and more trust. So the more links that you can get from trusted resources, the better. Remember, the goal here is to prove to contingency that we are the most relevant and because they have to bet, they have to make that $1000 when they return search results. In the internet, those arrows, those links, those signs, they look like these, they look like anchor text, words that you click, picture that you click, words that “click here” are the anchor text for that link, they anchor that link in place in page. When the link says click here, basically you’re telling google when this sign website, another reliable source indeed, we’re looking for sign so this anchor text is very important, these signs are value. Now, they are lot of signs all over the place then you increase even more that my site is more relevant for this particular work, particular concept, or cost of work, title or description or page or inbound, from the other site, twitter, facebook, all other human experiment like pinterest, voting for that picture says “Yes, I think this is relevant picture that’s one more link to your site. Picture of a bathroom taking to the bathroom website. One last thing that we need for actually gonna take this $1000 is to open the door. When we open the door, we’re going to see, what is inside the room, and at this point of time, you were pretty sure that you can risk your thousand dollars, to see the sign in the door with the title, using description, using sign in the hallway, you see all you need to know to make sure that this is the bathroom. Going back to the internet, this is content when somebody goes to your website and the title of your blogpost is Nicest Bathroom and the only thing there is talking about construction materials then disconnect between the title and the content.Just like if we open this door, and it is fill with maps and broomsticks, we will know that the title of description does not map, we’ve got the description, we’ve got incoming links, links coming from other site, pages in twitter, basically hundred links, internal links.Now we have all these internal contents, we’ve always relate words and phrase that support the idea that this is bathroom. So that’s like the basics now for the next reference of bathroom, we gonna reference the judge and the teacher. So my goal today is to give to you this basic overview so that we can go on keywords themselves. No you understand this concept, you gonna take this framework which hopefully it is very easy to understand and then we gonna go to another section. So let’s go over to, we need this page right here, this is the page that we need. Do you have question so far?

People: We don’t have question.

Dan Morris: No question? Crazy! All these people, no question! So, I understand. So what I did here is I search for the term Green Bean Casserole. Now we’re talking about keywords here, so here’s the keyword that I chose ” Green Bean Casserole” .An I gonna use this particular example to help explain the bathroom story and value of keywords, value basically of whole concept of SEO. Here are 4, 5, 6 results, it doesn’t matter, you can pick any of these.There’s a lot of searches for this particular term every day so they fight for no. 1 position so let’s figure out how they are no. 1, how they can be absolute no. 1 result for Green Bean Casserole. Now let me ask you this, Do you see the page, is there any doubt in your mind that search engine made a mistake that they place in a wrong place or they made a wrong bet in a particular site? Okay so, is there any doubt in your mind that this is a wrong results? That’s my question. So let’s take a look, we have Green Bean Casserole in the title, so correct. Now we even have breadcrumbs that shows the hierarchy of the site, we also have an ingredients of Green Bean Casserole, we also have description including the keyword right there and mushrooms too, this is not an ingredient not only that, there are incoming links in this page. Then we have all kinds of social proofs, humans with a click with a thumbs up sign.So did they made a mistake? Is there anything on here? Anything.

People: I’m not sure. I think the image itself.

Dan Morris: So here’s number 2, “Green Bean Casserole”, breadcrumbs, link every top on the page, link to another, ingredients, all the supporting keywords right there. Can you tell that this is extremely relevant for the term Green Bean Casserole, can you see that there are links coming to this page? Almost page. You can see right there. This page is linking to four other internal recipes make me think that there are list of 4 other pages or this linking back to this.So let’s see number 3, another video over here, we’ve got links, for green bean casserole, 1.9 or 19 hundred people recommended it that this is a good site. Comment down here. See how this page even though it’s not keyword stuff, it’s flooded with relevancy for the term Green Bean Casserole. A ask you this, if you’re trying to rank for a particular term, if you go to that page right now, can you say the same thing, can you say that this page Green Bean Casserole in page sis or can you look at it that maybe in fact that my side bar, my text, my image, maybe there are reason why google and yahoo are not bound this a thousand dollar and can you fix these things? So let’s look at some tools, figure out how we going to learn, so first one we look at is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If you ever use this tool for the purpose of SEO, trying to prove to google that you’re the most relevant.

Dan Morris: Then I would like to date this is the very last day that you will ever do that because this is incorrect because no way to use this tool for that purpose. There are reason of this tool but it is not that. So let’s look at this particular tool, which allows people how to use. Ironically, so to house in the Google Adwords  part of their business. Google Adwords is designed, its systems where companies can buy advertisers on google search results and throughout their worldwide network called adsense. This is one tool they give advertisers to bring people back to their site. Now when you bid on something, you go to the top so you’re not competing with other websites, the only competition is competing with other advertisers, how many other advertisers are competing with this term. There is a column Competition, this index is low, middle, high is 100% related whether it is or not the word itself or the keyword itself is commercial or not. So this particular tool is telling you why there or not people bidding on a term, giving you sense of global search but this is not an exact match. So that’s the value of this tool, if you’re an advertisers, it’s very useful because you know whether or not you gonna pay more money per click and they will help you whether or not that’s the product of the people in mind. See Another question there?Maybe! Someone did that the other day, that’s fantastic. The reason for their accurate because Google really really really trying hard to help people advertise, they help you advertise in cheaply human as possible because everyone knows that bidding is difficult and most companies will bid 25 dollars, they are all trying very hard to give you tools that is necessary and very easy so you spent 8 cents and make 25 dollars and bid for the rest. No I used Brainstorm tools and their word tracker which is part of Market Samurai. But anyway, there are different kinds of keyword tool. This kind of tool gives you information to solve your bathroom problem to prove that you’re relevant. Not only that, they help you understand that you don’t wanna go after particular term. I came up with particular list, all kinds of strawberry plants in page 3. So, this is the exact match so there are 8693 people searching for the term strawberry plants each month is 8693. That’s not exact match because strawberry plans is somehow used in a phrase or with another word and they have medium competition. We also find out that there 1100 other websites, they are optimized. Now that means you have to bet 1100 to get top and be more relevant. That search engine would tell that there are more strawberry plants that is relevant, that’s have a better description, better title, better contents piece, more quality links coming in and more quality links coming to other site. So how soon could I get to 8693 a month to compete in day 1. So the question is, how does site like word tracker and market samurai get the SEO information? These guys put data in their engine and spread data. Now the search engine has ways to access that information and reverse engineer their page. You could do that. Go to the number 1 google result. That is possible, extremely possible but how many searches you would do to come up with this particular list. Wow, you’re working to bet their sites.So you can go search. Now this list exists because the algorithm came out. If you decided not to use the keyword tool, you would have brainstorm and do something and list of your own and reverse engineering. We have tools like SEO Quick and Market Samurai also.

People: And we alo think tools that using income tax in back to your site, strawberry plants for sale, looking back to their site here. I think people think it’s all about of links.

Dan Morris: We designed sites with internal structures. We build keyword tower, each pyramid. Supporting keywords at the bottom, support keywords above them.Time and time again, we overcome sites with a lot of incoming links.It is helping the search engines make thousand dollars. So the question is about anchor text? So the anchor text is always important. That’s one more piece of evident. You don’t have to force anchor text. Prove relevance by showing human activities. You should never ever start with google keywords. Advertisers don’t go to this page ever.So what’s the difference between anchor text and keyword links?Nothing really. So keyword is anything or everything that people search for. So here’s the question, the anchor text has to be the links. Anchor text really describes the keyword that anchors the links. The whole thing is underlined to go another page just like this page. Picture are links too, it’s telling search engine that if you click here, you go to other page. Once you’ve made a word a link, that’s the anchor text.So Yes, it has to be a link, it’s part of definition, it’s a blue, have to be blue.

People: If you loook at the social media, this is my opinion, they will probably lead you to other resources. The reality is go to pages and tell you if it’s relevant and points internally.

Dan Morris: So the reason that they optimize that term is because their not tempting to optimize the search engine but the page to increase their page views, trying to see that ad that contribute. So, they’re trying to increase their search engine for that particular term. Local keywords are only different in a fact that they add
origin to the term so you are welcome to use this keyword tool to search for shall we say strawberry plants, the search result is so small because very few people in the area that search for that particular term. So go high level and see people search for. One other benefit that can you do reverse engineer. You can put an index and you can find out and get the entire line of that. This is the true value right here to show which ones have. Using Google adwords help you figure out what keywords might help you or adsense. So the answer is Yes, to do adwords tool might help you. In this particular tool, you can export them all to adsense, that tell you the average, low and high for all your keywords in 6 columns and 1 table. If the keyword that something you can buy, then you’re going to get higher dollar return.You can also go to, you can search for keywords there, you can find Los Angeles personal injury, those clicks pay $30 per click, you can make a lot of money every single day. So hope that was helpful for keywords, what they are, how to find them, how to prove to search engine that is relevant, why it is important to prove that it is relevant.

People: One thing that we’ve done is we created free weekly mastermind. We have the concept but we haven’t launched it.People ask for a content creation, SEO just go to Right now because it is not there, we can give a special pricing. There are 2 options, one is the lifetime option so you can access forever, other you can make payments. Budget level $10 per month, you don’t have any increase, we gonna do is close the door in the end of January. It is not that high end price, it’s affordable to everybody. We come up with the membership, check it out, nothing that has left. We hope you join us. We gonna share with you the things we are using, chances every single day, what is working, what is not working.

Dan Morris: new stuff adding things to the repeater  I think I’m gonna stop down the group customize. We just get together, go over the sites, facebook groups really fun. I’ve been trying to answer your questions specifically. Would you add a link to the tools you like?

People: Yes, it’s gonna be a form so keep sharing the best practices, SEO strategy, traffic, content creation, youtube marketing, affiliates marketing. You guys can access to products that we release.

Dan Morris: One more question, if there’a another cheaper store for tools, but the fact is if you afford to not buy that service, can you write 20 of those articles in a month and get 6000 to 7000 people who are competing against us. So we have to win. Can you afford not to pay for the keyword tool? If you are trying to let people learn something, do something. I have chosen to not stand in front of the people that is looking for me. When this tool can tell you all the people you offer, you can help them, provide the information, if you don’t do this, you are standing in the middle of the road saying ‘I don’t want a traffic”, I would and rather in the

sideline hoping for people to find me. Hope is not a marketing plan. This is a business, it is not a hobby, we help people and profit form it. We have tools. These tools are free to avail, we have to use our mind.

People: Just like Dan said, it is an investment, if you’re not use it, don’t buy it. Go for it, you should reap multiple financial. Do it in a hard way.

Dan Morris: Any other questions before we go? I appreciate your time. You’re listening to freeweeklymastermind webinar. Alright, see you guys. Thanks for attending.

People: Thanks, Have a good day!

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