Marketing Checklist

banner-retargeting-marketing-strategyHow do you know if your marketing makes sense. Here’s a simple checklist for you:

1. Tracking. No matter what it is, whether it is a guest blog post, a yellow page ad, a billboard or web banner make sure there is some form of tracking so we can tell at the end of the year what worked and what didn’t. Whether that’s trackable phone numbers, trackable url’s,, it doesn’t matter. Just be able to track it.

2. Branding.  I’m not talking about logos. Logos and taglines are not branding. Your brand is whatever answer someone gives when they’re asked about your company. That’s branding. So make sure that your marketing supports what you want to be. For instance are you professional, fun, colorful, informative, an expert, down-to-earth, salesy, a good resource, easy to reach, exclusive, high-level, etc. . . Whatever you are and want to be is what you need to make sure  your marketing speaks to.

3. Purpose. The third is to make sure the marketing piece has a purpose. A yellow page ad should drive people to call. A web ad should drive people to click. A products flyer should drive people to the website. If you can find ONE reason that your audience must go to your site for and use that. What is the one thing you have or could create that every person in your audience should read? Drive that.

4. Seamlessness Finally, the toughie. Let’s say your flyer want people to call and order. If someone calls and says “I’d like to order the thing on Page 5”, are you prepared to seamlessly take that call? Being in the infomercial and call center business, that seamlessness is key. When someone calls THEY WANT TO BUY. All you have to do is take their money quickly and effectively.

If the piece is driving traffic back to your website, make sure they land on the exact page they need. Never send them to the home page. Give a reason and provide them the link to that solution.

Make sure the landing page reflects the tone or look of the advertising. You want them to be comfortable they’ve landed in the right place.

Once you get all that done, press publish!

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