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Beam me up, Taco Bell


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All the tech, social media and blog headlines that Bloggers love, need and use everyday. Today we spoke about Star Trek, Taco Bell, Snapchat, Bitcoin, Netflix, WhatsApp, Kate Kastner, Amazon, Matt Mullenweg and more



Erik Finman Zoe Suggs

Mentioned Article:
15 year old makes $100,000 on Bitcoin Starts

Twitter: @ErikFinman

Zoe Suggs
Mentioned Article:
Famous UK VLogger

YouTube: Zoella on YouTube
Blog: Zoella Blog
Twitter: @Zozeebo

[Tweet Sometimes “No” changes the world as seen by Brooke Birmingham & Rosa Parks via @amplifypodcast”]

More Star Trek analogy “We’re not getting swallowed by the Borg…”

Molly Kate Kastner Shared by the Star Trek funny guy George Takei


Amazon starts streaming music

Surround Sound System Made with iPhones
Audibly. Peer to peer wifi. One person with the song then broadcasts it to friends.

Taco Bell is using SnapChat . . the beefy crunchy burrito 16 handles

Pinterest New Search Engine – trying to become the visual search engine site versus just a sharing platform

Pinterest Guided Search


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