65 Top Digital Marketing Experts From Around The World Have Come Together To Give You A “Stack” Of Their Best Trainings and Courses Worth $4,835.00 – For Only $47!

If you don’t act quickly now, you’ll regret it all year. BC Stack 2019 ends in . . .

I already know the Stack is awesome.   

Give it to me now. I’ll look at the products on the download page. 

Imagine Getting a “Behind-The-Scenes” Look on How a Bunch of Digital Marketing Professionals are Making Money Online?

Hi, We’re Dan R Morris and Rachel Marie Martin.

Every year, we search the globe to find ordinary people doing EXTRAORDINARY things in the world of making money online.

Then, we make them an offer.

We invite them to team up with us by adding their very BEST online training to our “Stack”…

And let us sell it for a tiny fraction of the retail price…

To tens of thousands of hungry and dedicated students (like you)… for 5 days ONLY.

This gives them a SURGE of new students in their business…

Gives US the opportunity to assemble the ultimate A-Z resource on what’s working in digital marketing today

And gives YOU the chance to learn from 65 vetted & approved experts for 1% of the retail price.

Saving you COUNTLESS hours researching on your own,

And removing nearly ALL of the trial and error as you add new marketing strategies and revenue streams to your business this year.

A total no-brainer, right?!

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Just Who Are These Digital Marketing Experts?

We’re glad you asked. :-)

We’ve listed each and every expert right here on this page.

Because here’s the bottom line. These aren’t just “teachers” sharing theoretical information they read about in a book.

These experts have been where you are now & hustled their way to where you want to be.

Now, they’re peeling back the curtain on what worked and how YOU can replicate their results…

WITHOUT all the overwhelm, headaches, or mis-steps that they had to go through when they figured it out for themselves.

You’ll notice a few experts you already know and love…

And a few more you’ve heard great things about, but haven’t had the chance to learn from yet.

Then there’s also many seasoned, yet underground experts who are making magic happen behind-the-hustle of your favorite major brands.)

(The underground experts are some of our favorites because they teach stuff that you just don’t see anywhere else)  

So, What Are They Gonna Teach Me? What’s In This “Stack”?

This year’s “Stack” includes full courses, live online trainings, books, and softwares that would normally sell for $4,835.00.

They cover a wide range of topics . . . some of which I bet you didn’t even know a product existed. 

Bottom line: We made sure these experts featured in the Stack are ONLY teaching you methods that have actually made a significant impact in their businesses—whether that’s generating BIG money income, multiplying their following, or releasing years of limiting beliefs that once held them back.

Even if you think you’ve seen these methods before, the key to getting serious results is in the details of HOW they are executed. And in each one of these courses, our experts will walk you through it step-by-step.

What that means is if you’d like to grow your online business (or blog)—with more followers and more income…

And you want to use the internet to do it…

Our 2019 BC Stack will give you all the strategies, tools, insights, and shortcuts you need make that happen.

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

Let’s just say I’m STILL unpacking all the amazingness this Stack comes with! You can use it in MANY aspects of business. . . seriously!!

Tonia L Clark


I would just like to take the time to say a huge thank you to everyone who work to make the Stack so amazing 

Neil JamesVirtual Assistant

I am absolutely over the moon with the products I have through up to yet! Can’t wait to dig into the rest. 

Mascha Weston/ Tjalvasdiy.com


IN  BC STACK 2019 

I am going to make sure I have everything this weekend, and if it hasn’t been said enough, I will say it again. THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF!

Katie Armstrong

The Matriarch Collaborative

Awesome! Thanks so much! BC Stack is so amazing – how come I didn’t know about this before? Fantastic! Just checked out your Youtube Video on Ads Monetization and it was soooo helpful! Thanks again.

Noelleim RochaItsUniquelyMine

Just bought the BC Stack again this year & am SUPER EXCITED!!! Thanks Dan and Rachel.

Jessica New Fuselier/ Social Media Director at Home Brew

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

I can’t begin to properly thank you for what you have blessed me with. I never heard of the BC Stack before yesterday. I took a chance when I read an email about it. I was beginning to think that my coaching dream was a waste of time, energy and money. However, with all the resources and offers I will finally put together the coaching ministry I have always dreamed of. 

Patty Militello

Life Coach

BC Stack has already changed everything I thought I wanted out of my business lol. So much of this stuff helps me to fill the missing pieces of my content and planning strategy. 

Brandy LipscombMy Pain Eraser

I can’t believe how good this is.  The BC Stack disproves the saying that if something sounds to good to be true, it is. I’ve been working through the spreadsheet, highlighting and dating the offers I’ve claimed. I know I won’t use them all, but honestly, for $47 Buying it was a no brainer. Thanks!!

Lia PeeleLiaPeele.co.uk

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

Loved the BC Stack in 2016 and 2017. Looking forward to this year’s. Brilliant!! 

Tracey Hurst

Creative Empires

BC Stack is an outstanding value! The package is worth far beyond $47!!!!

Helen WrayBuyer

I love the Stack and thank you. Dan and Rachel for working so hard to make it easy to dissect and get what we most need out of it. Great job!

June Ash Moore Simply June Bug

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

Holy Moly! Out of all the emails I’ve gotten today for Cyber Monday, this one stood out most! Thanks for putting together such an incredible deal for only $47 bucks. Now that’s my kind of savings. :)

Brandi Ferguson-Hegerty


Wow, really great Stack this year. I’ve been wanting to write a book and lots of great resources. And that GDPR course alone is more than worth it. . . 

Michael GoodeAttorney

I bought the Stack for one main item, although several things appealed to me. The class I wanted hasn’t started yet so I’ve been taking a look at the other things that were interesting to me. Let’s just say that this investment is already working out to be one of the best investments I have made in a while. Thanks

Suzanne Sukhram-FarmerBuyer

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

I was shocked when I learned about BC Stack. There is so much there that I need now, and a lot more that I know I will need in the near future. With the project I’m working on, I’ve been thinking about all the things I need to learn, and how much all of that training would cost. And then $47 later I’m like woohooooo!  Saved a lot of money. 

Greg Lohr


This is my first year buying the Stack and it will not be my last. You, the team, the contributors are all amazing! 

Staci Lynn NovingerThe Sunny Side of Somewhere

Hi Dan, thank you so much for your cats and tags book – this alone is worth the price of BCStack this year. Thanks for putting this together.

Cerys ParkerRainy Day Mum

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

Thank you Dan and Rachel for all of the long hours and hard work you put into BC Stack. I am having a great time looking over the products. There are such amazing people that have contributed. I want to thank them all. 

Joanne Moxam Del Balso

No Fuss Accounting Services

The value of this is so many times the actual price that you should have people beating down your doors and running to you with their $47 begging you to take it. 

Fran WatsonCEO FranWatson

I love all the products that I’ve accessed so far. Thank you to Dan and Rachel and the team that have organized it. 

Christin SmithTeacher

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

Yes! You Really Can Get Your Hands On Everything Above For JUST $47!

In fact, we know our 2019 BC Stack will be the best $47 you spend all year!

Because the truth is, you could watch just ONE of the courses listed above…

Then, implement just ONE of the new ideas you learn…

And see lead-generating, wallet-growing results—getting far, FAR more than your $47 investment worth!

In fact, we don’t know of ANY other opportunity where such a tiny financial investment gets you access to such a MASSIVE wealth of digital marketing education.   

You know the catch though…

This stack is ONLY available for 5 days (June 9 – 14) which means the doors are closing soon!

After that, this offer goes away forever.

And we don’t mean that the price goes up, or that you’ll have to wait til next year, or you can send us an email and we’ll make an exception…

After June 14th, this page will come down and we will never offer this stack of courses again. No exceptions!

This limited time window is the only way we can justify this STEEP discount to our experts.

BTW…there is NO overlap from our stacks year to year. The 2018 stack had a 100% completely different set of trainings and our 2020 stack will as well.

So, this is your ONLY chance to get access to everything you see above for one lower-than-low-price.

What are you waiting for? Let’s keep going . . .

When You Think About It…What’s Your Alternative?

Here’s the thing.

If you want to grow your audience and make more money online, you need to MARKET your thing (service, book, product, program, blog, cause, etc.) in order to make that happen.

And unless you want to pay a fortune to send junk mail across the nation,

Or pull out the phone book and make cold calls til your voice goes hoarse,

Or go door to door & piss off all your neighbors,

To try and scrounge up a small handful of followers and maybe a customer or two…

DIGITAL MARKETING is your ticket to the results you crave. Period.

The good news is, digital marketing is a LEARNED skill.

(No one is born with a “natural talent” for it.)

And there are only two ways to learn it.

  • On Your Own Through Trial And Error.This is what our experts did and they’ll tell you that this path is FULL of expensive mistakes and YEARS of hard work before seeing any kind of real traction.Plus—without a roadmap of exactly what steps to take, what tools to use, and how it all goes together, you’re really flying blind.
  • OR, the smartest choice… From Someone Who’s Already Achieved The Results You Want. This is the FAST path to getting where you want to go because you get to “skip over” all the hardships that our experts had to face.


Hand on our hearts—you will not find another opportunity to learn from this many vetted & approved, walk-the-talk, been-there-done-that, EXPERIENCED digital marketing experts…

For this low of a price, ANYWHERE on the internet.

If you ask us (or any of customers from the previous 5 years), it’s a total no brainer!

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 

But First, You Need To Know This…

This stack of courses is NOT binge-able. It’s simply too HUGE of a resource.

Instead, it’s your very own digital marketing LIBRARY that you’ll refer to any time you’re stuck, unsure of what to do next to grow your business…

Or you’d like to try something new for a flood of extra income.

And in case you are the type that LOVES having all the details up front…

Here’s How It Works!

You’ll sign up and pay $47 within the 5 day window June 9th – 14th. Almost instantly, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to access the ENTIRE stack of 65 trainings.

Some will be a one-click download, others will give you access to a members area, and some trainings will be held LIVE…you’ll register for them now and attend later.

Don’t worry—it’s all laid out in the email instructions.

Basically, you have 60 days to register for & downloading your trainings, then you’ll have the whole stack for LIFE…

Which you’ll use to grow your current business—or any others you may start in the future!

Plus—We’ll Sweeten The Deal Even Further…

Here’s How To Make Your Money Back (And More)

BEFORE You Even Take Your First Course!

If you have at least 2 friends that could use some digital marketing help as well, you can sign up today as an an affiliate to get all your money back (and more!).

Here’s how it works.

After you purchase today, we’ll give you a special link to use when you recommend the BC Stack to your friends.

And anytime someone buys the 2019 BC Stack using that link, we’ll send you 50% of the sale.

So, with only TWO affiliate sales, you will have gotten 65 digital marketing courses FOR FREE!

Here’s the best part though…

Many of our affiliates end up sharing it to EVERYONE they know and make THOUSANDS of dollars before even watching their first course.

Not a bad deal if you ask us. ;-)

BUT you can only do that if you purchase BC Stack WELL before the deadline. You’ll need time to get your affiliate link, share it with your friends, and give them time to purchase before the deadline as well.

You know what that means…

This Is Your Last Chance!!

By now you know that there is NO better offer than this 2019 BC Stack Flash Sale.

So, this is your moment.

Are you going to sign up now,

Save thousands on an invaluable current marketing education,

Implement what you learn,

And enjoy EXPLOSIVE growth for your business or blog…

Or are you going to keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope that the outcome changes?

The choice is yours, but not for much longer.

People always email us after it’s too late to ask if they can still get in…


Happens every single time!


So, we want to make sure you know the countdown is on! No excuses ;-)

We hope to see you on the other side!

I want BC Stack for $47

You get all these products together as one package for one super low price. 


How do I become an affiliate and make a commission for sales?We would love it if you wanted to help share BC Stack. There is so much good stuff in here and we can’t reach everyone who needs it on our own.  Send an email to thebcstack@gmail.com and I’ll sign you up and send you everything. 

You can read the Affiliate Terms of Service here.

 Why is it $47? It seems too good to be true.

The whole idea of BC Stack is to introduce you to new experts and introduce them to you. For the experts this is a chance to get in front of thousands and thousands of people they couldn’t get in front of otherwise. And since it is only one week, they are willing to provide their products to BC Stack just for the chance to meet you. On the flip side, we can’t reach the entire world on our own. So we ask you to help share it with your friends, audience and community AND we use the $47 to help pay you a 50% commission and bonuses. It’s just a great project for everyone. 

How does the buying process work?

When you click the BUY button, you’ll be sent to the checkout page where you will be asked for your name, email and username info. Then you’ll be taken to PayPal. There you can pay by PayPal or credit card. When you finish the transaction you have to press “Return to Merchant” button . . . that’s an annoying step. Then you’ll be taken to the products page. And you’ll also get an email with the link. How long do I have to access the products?

You’ll have till August 9th,  which is 60 days to register/download or grab the products.  But once you do that, you get to keep them forever. On the products page, you’ll see if any have other time limits. For instance a live stream ticket to a conference has a specific date.  eBooks you download to your computer, eCourses come to your email. You just have to go get/download/register/sign-up in the next 60 days. After that you can take your time to consume them. Which products will I receive?

You will receive access to all the products listed on the BC Stack sales page. (And I’ll send you some unannounced stuff via email). They are yours to grab until August 9th . . . the you get to keep them forever. But you have 60 days to go get them.  I send instructions via email. How do I access and/or download the products in BC Stack?

Once you purchase BC Stack you will receive an email with a link to the downloads page. All instructions on how to access them are in the email and on the downloads page. Now, not all of these are downloads. A livestream pass to a conference is not a download, nor is access to a UDEMY course, or a software membership. So each product has a different redemption path. Some are downloads, others you register for, etc. . .I do not have a PayPal Account? Is there another way to pay?Yes!!  The great thing about PayPal is you can make purchases there by credit card.  Just below the login part is a link to use your credit card. I do not have a downloads page link. What do I do? Check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you’ll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I’m not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don’t work, email me:  thebcstack@gmail.com  and I’ll take care of it. I can not download or access the products, what do I do?

Check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you’ll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I’m not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don’t work, email me:  thebcstack@gmail.com  and I’ll take care of it. Can I purchase just part of BC Stack?

No, but you don’t have to download them all. Plus our goal is to make sure every product has a retail value of at least $47. That way if you only use one thing, you still get a great deal.Can I buy last year’s Stack?

Sadly, no. We didn’t set it up with the experts that way last year. . . that may be something we do in the future. Can I purchase hard copies of the books and products?Sure. We can do that. We can put things on DVD, thumb drive or CD. Just email us at thebcstack@gmail.com and we’ll tell you how much that will cost.  But most of the things aren’t books . . they’re tickets, software, webinars . . . that just can’t be put on a disk.

How can I access my products on the iPad / Kindle / Phone or otherwise?You should have no problem whatsoever. You may need to download a pdf reader . . if you don’t have one. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need anything special. Can I share my BC Stack products with others?

Yes and No. We would love for you to share the opportunity to buy BC Stack. That’s why we have an affiliate program. If you would like to make a commission for sharing, email me and I’ll make that happen. thebcstack@gmail.com. Otherwise, we ask that you don’t just send the products to others. The experts are doing this on good faith and are expecting you to operate the same way. Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds,. Once you purchase BC Stack you have full access to these products. We have the rule because you could buy the Stack, then download or register for everything, then ask for a refund. When I was a teen I worked at Blockbuster Video and remember people coming in telling me they didn’t like the video they rented and asked for their money back. That wasn’t a thing either. BUT we will make sure you get everything you paid for . . . and some bonuses. None of these FAQ’s answered my question or solved my problem. Email us. We’ll help.  thebcstack@gmail.com


  • Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the products that have been deleted or lost.
  • Each of the products in BC Stack is copyrighted by the original author.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, courses, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, Blogging Concentrated will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!
  • Thank you.