I get so many comments when I speak and work on people’s
sites about the ease of understanding SEO, I decided to bundle the
program into a 21 step DIY program.

Each step is a video of me explaining what to do next or a
screen share video explaining how to do something.

There are a total of 21 videos ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
Some steps involve you just rethinking things,
others you actually doing things. On some days
you’ll get a video and an attachment that has
something for you to complete.

IN ALL CASES, the instructions are easy, barely technical at all
and fun!

Don’t sign up until you’re ready. Once you sign up, the email lessons with begin. :)

Each day has a separate (and important) email lesson as well, so when you’re ready to start, be sure to register for the email lessons here:

You can access each day’s training here:

Day 1: The big picture. . . sometimes SEO isn’t the right tool. But when?
Day 2: Let’s break down what will make us famous into target market groups
Day 3: How does your site navigation bar affect your SEO?
Day 4: What would we have to write about to be relevant for our subject?
Day 5: How do we track our efforts so we can tell what’s working?
Day 6: Who are we serving? We need to make sure so we attract the right people
Day 7: Brief Recap. . . let’s not get overwhelmed :)
Day 8: Keywords Keywords Keywords: Understanding Keyword Research
Day 9: What makes a page #1 in Google Search?
Day 10: Pinging! Webmaster Tools! Fixing Site Problems!
Day 11: Optimizing Images for our site (AND PINTEREST)
Day 12: Answering the SEO FAQ’s
Day 13: Categories, Tags, More Buttons, Republishing
Day 14: Optimizing Videos for YouTube
Day 15: How does an optin box help our SEO?
Day 16: Site Speed, Page Rank and Alexa
Day 17: Link Building
Day 18: Building Keyword Theme Maps
Day 19: Writing the Perfect Post
Day 20: How does all this stuff fit together?
Day 21: Mastering Google Rich Snippets

Don’t sign up until you’re ready. Once you sign up, the email lessons will begin. :)

And if you’re ready to begin, begin here:


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