The Grand Design:

    Not everything that you do or have on your site needs to be optimized. Optimization is a strategy by which we are trying to attract people who are searching for the questions that you are solving. Not everything you write is solving a problem or has people looking for them.

    The search engines provide traffic to our websites, but for the most part we don’t care about traffic. What we really want is the right traffic. So let’s figure out what is that traffic? If we can lay out a plan for the kind of traffic we want, we can be sure that everything that follows actually builds our business. . . not just today’s income.

    What do I want to be known for in the next 3 to 5 years?


    What are the things you need to work on today? The days are going to build upon one another as we get more and more micro.

    But let’s not spend any time on the micro till we have a plan.

Supporting Knowledge

blog Did you know that it’s YOU that helps SEO, not WordPress.
Curious? Read why WordPress does not help your SEO.
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Video One tool you can use to help find out what people want from you, what they think of you is to track what they search for while on your site.
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