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Consumer Buying Process: Messaging Makes all the Difference

I always enjoy “analyzing” the consumer buying process in different industries. For instance it doesn’t take much effort to sell a candy bar at the grocery store checkout. But it takes a heck of a lot of work to get a country to buy a Boeing 747.

This past week I met with both an insurance guy and a financial services guy (sales calls basically). I don’t need either, and imagine a great number of their appointments are with people who don’t want to change insurance or need a new money manager. But they make sales – so how does that work? And can we translate that to the web?

According to the financial services guy, there’s no way to makes sales in the financial services sector without first establishing a personal relationship with the clients, basically over coffee to start. In his mind even when people are shopping for what you have, unless you have a relationship with them they’re not doing business with you. The insurance guy felt the same way. (more…)

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Internet Marketing: Do You Know the Steps of the Buying Process?

I recently read Todd Brown’s Article on “the Greatest Marketing Lesson”, which I thought useful, and it made me think about reiterating this important lesson to go along with it.

Todd actually wrote about a concept he learned from Eugene Schwartz regarding the “level of sophistication” your audience has achieved and how to tailor your marketing to that. When you’re finished reading this post, go read Todd’s. (more…)

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Make Products Guaranteed to Sell


So there’s a great way to make your own products without worrying about whether they’re going to sell or not.  In fact you could say there is a 100% foolproof way to figure out what your audience will buy.

The first thing you need to know is that people don’t buy products – they buy labels, titles and headlines. In fact, most people don’t look through the Table of Contents on Amazon before they buy the book.

They base their purchase on referral and the title. (more…)

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Build Your Marketing Funnel

Today’s note is short because I made a video that better describes what I’m hoping you’ll learn.  It’s hard to figure out what to do from one day to the next for your business. What can make that much easier is mapping out your overall business structure, which I show you in a short video here: (more…)

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Internet and DR Marketing: Do You Know Your Audience’s Level of Sophistication?

Eugene Schwartz, the guy who revolutionized direct response marketing – the guy who didn’t get paid enough for his copywriting skills – the genius of marketing, broke down this very important lesson.

As I reference in my previous post about understanding the buying process of your audience, it is also important to understand their level of sophistication. (more…)

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