YouTube Strategy



This week has been all about viral videos. We’re producing a video for a client with the goal of driving traffic through that viral “relevance” mechanism.

The video’s message is so inspiring and specific to our audience, we know that viewers in our audience will forward it to others in our audience – and pretty much no one else. Then through the messaging in the video we plan to drive that traffic back to our site.

So I was doing some more studying of video techniques and thought I’d bring some to your attention

1. The Piano Guys.

What I love about the Piano Guys is their ability to generate revenue from their videos. Not only do they get millions of views per “episode” but they turn those fans into paying sponsors. I’d love for you to read all about that in this case study.

2. Leslie Samuel

Leslie runs the channel InteractiveBiology on YouTube. What I like about his channel is that it is a niche topic. While the Piano Guys make music that lots of people could love, Leslie speaks to a niche audience and gets them to come back time and time again.

Though I’m a big fan of annotations at the end of videos, Leslie uses the last 10 seconds of the video to move you to his website. And he does it very effectively. I would encourage you to peruse his videos and watch his excellence in action.

3.  Philip Defranco

I know. How cliche can I be referencing the King of YouTube? Sorry, but I wanted to bring your attention to something other than his choppy style and amazing views. It’s his background and lighting.

Have you seen how clear, colorful and stunning it is? Not only that he’s now populating the walls with posters he sells on his site.

All this together has led him recently to getting a TV deal. Yep – YouTube Superstar to TV. Another good example to watch.

Keep filming, plugging and writing along.

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