Your Three Favorite Webinars

yay-4082989First of all I have no idea if these are actually your favorite webinars. . . but I can tell you they get the most views and spawn the most thank you’s and follow-up emails.

I too think they are the 3 of the best webinars from our Wednesday webinar series.

What makes them great?

1. Getting Sponsored to Attend Events (even if they’re your own events). I think this was the most exciting. Shannon gets paid to go to events. Sometimes she makes $8,000 to $9,000 to attend one event. She event got Sponsors to help pay for her recent home flooding! Crazy stuff!

This is a conversation between Shannon and I about how she does all this and makes it happen. You’re going to love the detail she goes into.

If you get a chance, head over to the FreeWeeklyMastermind Members area and watch it.

2. Getting your book on Kindle This one is a bit long. . . but it is the step-by-step process to writing an ebook and getting it up on Amazon Kindle. We spoke to Daniel Hall on this one, he’s a master at this. Not only that but he’s a master at webinars.

So there’s 2 reasons to watch this one. If you really want to start selling your info products on Amazon then there’s no better source to learn that. And if you’re also interested in getting better at webinars, this is a fantastic example.

Just head over to Members area to watch it.

3. Turning Info into Products. Right on the heels of the Kindle call Janis Pettit stopped by to talk about how to turn what you know into products. I thought the call was good but I was really surprised by the number of email “thank you’s” I got.

I mean I was genuinely surprised. I think it was because Janis speaks in down-to-earth tones and makes things easy to understand. Whatever it is, people love it.

To watch this replay you have to go to Janis’s site. When you go to this page and sign-up you’ll immediately get the link to the replay.

Make some time to watch these three calls.  For more on Niche Internet Marketing.