If you’re looking for ways to work with us, you’ve come to the right place. But before you read about the different ways, you should know this:

We have so many plans for you. Every day we’re reaching out to new bloggers and online professionals. Our Amplify Podcast is really growing, our BC Prime membership is growing, FindingJoy is skyrocketing. . . we’ve just begun revamping Benefits of Resveratrol.

Our publicist is working on speaking and media opportunities. To date we have 13 speaking engagements this year including Keynote spots.

And not only are we doing bigger events, but we’re partnering with venues like Aweber, iContact and Ahalogy to be even more impactful for our attendees.

We wake up everyday focused on how do we extend our reach AND how do we serve them even better. And we pledge to you that this will remain our goal, we will not stop reaching new people in this audience.

We will serve them and you honestly, honorably, sincerely and with their best interests at heart. Building trust with our audience is our #1 goal – which will invariably serve you extremely well.


billandted2 Our best friend program is a two-way street of happiness. Not only are we going to afford you all the benefits of getting in front of our audience, but we want to come to you.

We’d like to come make videos of your story and what makes you great. We’d love to come to a trade show you’ll be at and help man your booth, share your story. Headline the Amplify Podcast, create a page in our publications, be the footer in our emails. . .

If you are going to make our audience better, we want to prove it to them. We want to share your story in our presentations, put your products in our subscription box and advertise for you on our sites.

We aim to be the best friend you’ve ever had.
Contact Us for More. . .

schwinn2 We want to help you with your hub and spoke marketing plan. If you’re trying to drive traffic to a website, product, optin, sales page, etc. . . We want to help.

Like the most famous bike in history, we want to be the spokes in your program. Social media, email, Advertisements, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tsu, and Twitter among others.

We’re at over 37 events/year and have a heydey with social media while we travel, on site, through our audience, in YouTube videos and more. . . let us help promote your links around the web.

rubyslippers2 “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home”. . . remember that? Well, that’s our goal with the Ruby Slippers campaign. We want to put your products/offers into the homes of our audience.

3 times per year we send out a “subscription box” to our membership. The boxes are full of great stuff bloggers would love. Sadly, we can’t entertain everyone who wants to be part of the BC Crate (as well call it), but we do love to put things in the box that have our audience salivating at the mailbox.

We encourage unboxing videos, tweets, pictures and more of the goodness that lies therein. If you don’t have a product, coupon codes and offers are just as fun to get.

Backstage-Pass2With 37 events on the list in 2013 and 2014, we’re in front of live audiences every month. We thought it would be great to have opportunity to talk about your company at the events.

Not only do we market the events a couple months prior to each one, but have room for lunch, snacks, equipment signage. Not to mention the tweets and social media love during the day.

Not only that but if you’d like to have someone come to the events, we’d love it. Perhaps someone on your staff, or a client you’d like to bring some great education to.

Come be our live events partner and we’ll make sure to give you lots of love backstage.

sharpie2The Sharpie is the tried and true method, the best possible solution if you need something permanent penned. And permanent is sometimes what you need.

We thought we’d determine what we could do to help you make a permanent mark.

Our t-shirts, printed materials, webinars, YouTube Videos, podcasts and blog posts get viewed year after year. We have people every month taking our 21 Day SEO Challenge that we built and recorded 3 years ago.

Our blogging specific t-shirts get worn at conferences all over among other places people wear tshirts. We create fantastic notebooks at the events that our attendees years later say they still reference. We’d even entertain having personalized Sharpies with your name and logo at our events.

You and I both know, no one throws away the best permanent marker in the world.

bigtop2 We’re always working on a big product launch or project. Right now our project is a 4 city tour in New Zealand.

Our New Zealand trip is scheduled for May 1st through the 9th with tour stops in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch. Not only are we doing Audience Industries Corporate events, but we’re also hosting Blogging Concentrated events, a few dinners and speaking with some moms groups.

We will have opportunity to help get your company in front of a world-wide audience . . but more specifically our global audience of bloggers and the New Zealand online community. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity for us to come to your establishment and create YouTube videos around your products, broadcast our Amplify Podcast live or even come speak at our events, we’re open to discussion.

We can be creative to help you achieve your goals as well. We’ll be doing live webcasts, podcasts, social media, printing books for attendees providing lunch, snacks, renting equipment, travel. Rachel will certainly be writing about the trip on Finding Joy and we’ll be reporting via Blogging Concentrated.

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