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How to get started: 

1. Scroll down to see all the products that were listed on the Sales Page. These are the products you now have access to. Some of them are live webinars (schedule below). Some are courses you sign up to take. Some are books you download. All in all we negotiate with 50 experts every year to give you access to this knowledge. Like a salad bar, however, you don’t have to take everything. You run a business so get what is going to help you. Next year we’ll have all new things. 

2. Click on the image of the product you want. That will take you to the landing page that was created so you could gain access where others typically pay. Sometimes, the expert that created the content needs to deliver it through the shopping cart on their site. In that case (unless noted) there will be a space to put a coupon code in. That code is:  pod19kit  (if you can’t get it to work, try it in all caps)

3. Follow the instructions to gain access. AND pay attention to the methods by which they all deliver the products. Amanda Robinson uses a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Scott Paton’s product is on Udemy. You can learn from this process for sure. What do you like, what don’t you like? Take screenshots and ask questions. In fact, pay attention to the emails they send you, subject lines, etc. . . there is gold in there.

4. QUESTIONS:  ​Join the Facebook Group.  

You have until December 12th to register for the things you want. 




Watch 2015 – 18 MapCon Sessions On Demand

From Joe Pardo – Independent Podcasters Conference

The MidAtlantic Podcast Conference (now the Independent Podcast Conference) is one of the premiere podcast conferences in the U.S. You get access to all the amazing content from the last three years. 

2016 Sessions include:   Dave Jackson, Tayo Rockson, Heather Ordover, Michael O’Neal, Jessica Kupferman, Mark Asquith, Jeff Bradbury, Joel Boggess, Tina Dietz, Jessica Rhodes, Tom Tate, Christian Lee, Ramona Rice, Annett Bone, Mary Nichols

2017 Sessions include: Lew Hastings, David Steele, Deborah Williams, Nicholas Goblirsch, Jordan Cooper, Scott Mulvaney, Stefan Roots, Karen Yankovich, Naketa Thigpen, Matthew Passy, Patricia Iyer, Hearther Ordover, Harry Duran, Stephan A Hart, Aimee J, Joel Boggess, Tom Tate, Mary Nichols, Annette Bone Anthony Hayes, Jeffrey Bradbury, Ramona Rice, Amanda Doughty, Clay Groves, Mark Asquith, Dave Jackson, and Jessica Kupferman2018 Sessions include: Tom Tate, Jackie Guzda, Sue Allen Clayton, Lori Rochino, Carolyn Cole, Kyle Bondo, Lee Uehara, Douglas Reed, Tim Brien, Ray Sidney-Smith, Monica Rivera, Chip Edwards, Kenneth Woodard, Bob Caporale, Jennifer Covington, Chris Kretz, Matthew Passy, Jessica Kupferman, Maxwell Ivy, Nick Goblirsch, Stephen A Hart, Mary Nichols, Scott Mulvaney, Patricia Iyer, Karen Yankovich, Jeffrey Bradbury, Polly Bauer, Aimee J, Harry Duran and Dave Jackson

and seven hours from 2015.


“Let’s Launch Your Podcast” Masterclass

From Krystal Proffitt – The Proffitt Podcast

Don’t just hit “Publish” on your podcast. Make the effort to create a launch plan that’ll get you results! In this masterclass, you’ll learn the tactical strategies to launch your podcast, what NOT to do, and get inspired by podcasters who’ve been able to reach 1,000 downloads in their first month (with NO prior audience)! By joining the masterclass, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive Facebook group only available to Podcaster’s Kit participants. We’ll have LIVE trainings in the group for you to ask questions about your podcast.So, let’s do this together. Let me show you how to launch your podcast and help you meet your goals!

Registration Notes: Look for the email confirmation link after you register. :) 

So You Want Your Own Podcast Show!!

From Christine Blosdale – Award Winning Radio and Podcast Host & Producer

Christine Blosdale offers you valuable information on how to create and develop your Podcast show – from what to name it, to how to maximize your impact on interviews, what tools and programs you will need to get started, and how you can save tons of money setting up your Podcast – BONUS OFFER! – You also get a list of Christine’s Personal Resources to help you get started.

Learn to Podcast with a guy from the “Podcast Hall of Fame”

From Dan Klass – The Bittersweet Pill

I’ve taught podcasting classes many times and have really enjoyed it.  The downside was always the same: lack of time.  You can’t really get into everything you’d like in one or two short sessions. I’ve finally gotten a chance to really dig in and explore every aspect of podcasting and new media in my “Learn to Podcast” course. It’s a six week course using a combination of video and written instruction. So far, it’s been fantastic.

Registration Notes:  If you have trouble with this one, email Dan at Not the most efficient, but you get to chat with a Podcast Hall of Famer.

How to Create a Home Recording Studio

From Ken Theriot – Home Brew Audio

Learn how to put together home recording studio tailored to your needs and budget. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. So rather than just give you one big list of expensive gear that you might not need, or know how to use, we provide 4 different setups to meet your exact needs and budget.

Registration Notes: Product comes via email

Podcast Growth and Revenue Generation Strategies for B2B, B2A and B2C Podcasts

From Tanner Campbell – PortlandPod

Hi, I’m Tanner, I own The Portland Pod which is a full-service Podcast Recording Studio in Portland, Maine. I work with my clients to plan their podcasts, produce and record them, market them, grow them, and, finally, make money from them. I haven’t seen it all but I’ve seen a lot, and what I’ve learned over the years is: The initials strategies for starting, growing, and successfully generating revenue from a podcast are essentially the same – with only small tweaks in approach depending on the format of the podcast and the market it is trying to reach and serve.

In this book, I share those strategies with you in the hopes that you will adopt and deploy them in your own yet-to-be-created business or brand podcast(s).

How To Launch A Successful Podcast

From Tracy & Tom Hazzard – Podetize

Our “How to Launch a Successful Podcast” course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start your podcast. We cover gear, interviewing over the internet, picking a podcast name, creating memorable show art, episode and guest planning,  writing a compelling description, monetization and brandcasting.

Show Notes Made Easy Class

From Lara Loest – Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

Show Notes Made Easy the basic package walks you through each step of writing show notes, gives you inside tips and professional copywriting techniques. Whether you already have an existing structure for your notes or you’re just getting started, you’ll find useful information, easy-to-use instructions and time-saving tools that will help you save time and headaches the next time you write your show notes.

Registration Notes: Lara’s computer got hacked this week. So while she is getting that fixed, you get direct DropBox access to her book

Podcast Social Media & Kickstart Guide

From Steve & Veronica Davis – Podsound School

We start by teaching you how to use Instagram and Twitter to propel your podcast’s success, and finish by helping you understand the “voice” your podcast is going to need on and off the mic. This six part guide to kick starting your podcast leaves no stone unturned. 

DIY Podcast Website Install and Production

From Mike Stewart – Internet Audio Guy

Mike has helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn an idea into online profits. In this course Mike will help you get your podcast website up, choose a theme that best reflects your show and how to customize it, how to make graphics, how to record audio with Audacity, choose an audio storage company and more. 

Registration Notes: Choose the $100 Digital Download Option

The iPad Podcasting Crash Course

From Joel Sharpton – Pro Podcaster Services

4 live video sessions, one hour each on the following topics

– Recording with an iPad/iPhone

– Editing your audio with Ferrite Recording Studio on iPad/iPhone

– Auxiliary apps like noise reduction and audio file management

– Publishing to popular media hosts from iPad and iPhone using Safari web browser


Creating a Dynamic Content Plan

From Jeni Wren Strottup – Gritty Birds Podcasting

The fastest path to podcast success is having a roadmap to follow. Most podcasters who don’t get beyond 10 episodes do so because they don’t have a content plan to follow, they don’t have a content plan that builds on each other and grows readership. I’m going to help you do that. 

How to Nail Podcast Co-Hosting

From Rachel Corbett – Mamamia

Hosting your show with someone else can be one of life’s great joys.  If you get it right.  So how do you choose the right co-host?  When you’ve found them how do you make sure you’re creating a dynamic people will want to listen to? And if the co-host you really want to work with is on the other side of the planet, how do you do a show together? 

In this video training, Rachel Corbett will step you through what you need to think about BEFORE you lock in your co-host.  How to get killer chemistry in the studio and create content people will want to listen to.  And how to record your podcast remotely including tips on how to make it feel and sound like you’re in the same room. 

Registration Notes: Check your email for confirmation 

How to Start A Podcast

From Danny Ozment – Emerald City Pro

Want to share your message with the world? Start a podcast. This course is designed to take you step by step through the entire process, from planning your format and buying the right equipment to recording your podcast and uploading episodes for distribution. The learning objectives in this class are:

– Audience identification

– Choosing a title, format and length

– Buying Recording Equipment

– Recording and Editing a Podcast

– Mastering Episodes for Distribution

– Measuring Your Audience

– Promoting and Marketing

From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) With a Podcast

From Annemarie Cross – Australia’s Podcast Queen

This course will teach you where to start when it comes to getting your Thought Leader Podcast recorded, produced and published so you can generate the visibility and reach you need to build your business. – How to find and attract the RIGHT audience- The three key steps to nurture podcast listeners into leads- The Tools, Technology and Digital Assets you’ll need. You’ll walk away with your very own: Idea to Launch Thought Leader Podcast Blueprint so you know exactly what you have to focus on, following the right sequence to get your Thought Leader Podcast, mapped out, produced AND launched!

Registration notes: 1. Hit Access Replay, 2. Scroll down add to cart, 3. Apply coupon, 4. enter info, 5. Check email

Podcast Design Plan: Principles for Designing and Creating a Successful Podcast

From Kyle Bondo – Gagglepod

What’s a podcaster’s worst nightmare? Spending tons of time recording a podcast that has no focus, discovering that you have no plan to work off of, and finally hitting episode #13 with no idea what comes next. Or worse, never even getting to episode #1. It’s a legitimate concern. It happens to new podcasters all the time. In fact, the fear of launching a podwreck is the reason so many podcast ideas never reach a microphone or find their audience.  That’s what we’re talking about in this class. 

Content Launch Secrets

From Jamie Atkinson – The Podcast Junkie

How to Outline 12 months worth of content in 3 days. This method has been used by  7-figure owners to create amazing content that pulls in your ideal target market, educates your customer on why they should buy and delivers targeted value on pain points in your niche. 

Ultimate Podcaster’s Launch Guide Workbook

From Luis Congdon – Thriving Launch Podcast

Sometimes you just need an outline, a framework from which to gather your thoughts and shoot for the stars. This is that framework. Questions, Outline and path from start to finish.


Learn Podcast Production Techniques

From Bradley Denham – Producer of On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Learn the EXACT podcast production techniques I use and teach at our Hollywood podcast studio to make chart-topping shows, so you too can podcast like the pros!

Podcasting with Audacity

From Dave Jackson – School of Podcasting AND the Podcasting Hall of Fame

Audacity is a free software available on the Mac/PC and other platforms. It has a ton of features, but which ones do you need? How do you navigate menus that look like an airplane cockpit? This course boils it down to the basics. In this course you learn how to:

Install Audacity

Install the LAME Encoder

How to plug your microphone or mixer into the software

How to create your intro/outro

The five basic skills you need to create a podcast

Converting WAV files to MP3 using iTunes

Producing a whole podcast using iTunes

Registration Notes: When we did it, it was a 2 step process. On the 2nd step you enter the pod19kit code. 

Design a Podcast (Using Adobe Audition)

From Shannon Hernandez

Design A Podcast combines core fundamentals of podcasting with broadcast standards to develop a high-quality podcast program.

The areas that are covered in this program range from basic voice exercises, how to find more confidence for your program, recording, editing for a seamless podcast program, and more. Shannon will introduce you to dynamic workflow sequences and practical performance techniques that can make you sound like a professional podcast/radio announcer. No matter the type of podcast, Design A Podcast will help you become dramatically more proficient as a podcast announcer, editor and promotional machine.

Understanding Compression Deep Dive

From Tom Kelly – Clean Cut Audio

In this masterclass on compression, I’m going to be teaching you what is dynamic range, why does dynamic range need to be controlled, what is a compressor, how is it different from normalization, what are the parts of a compressor, how do all these parameters interact with and affect each other, how do I add compression to my podcast, and how do I use these learned techniques and make my show sound better? This is one of the most comprehensive videos on compression available on the internet. By the time you’re done watching it, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to start applying these principals to your own show, and then spent the next 10 years perfecting them! Audio is a process, a science, and most importantly an art form. Have fun experimenting with these techniques and never stop learning.

Registration Notes: This is the first time Tom has ever made something like this. This will be his premium product. But for you, while he builds that, you get access now.  

Beyond the Edit

From Carrie Caufield Arick – YaYa Podcasting

Editing your podcast can be a chore when you aren’t sure what buttons to push and why you’re pushing them. Build a solid foundation to save you time and frustration by learning why you make changes to your audio and how to do it well. This course covers normalization, hard limiters, EQ, compression, leveling, creating templates, loudness, zero point crossings, what to cut out and lots more. 

Registration Note:  podkit19 is the coupon code on this one.

Podcast Audio Production 

From Chris Curran – Podcast Engineering School

Your audio quality can be ruined in countless ways during production, and bad audio will cause listeners to turn off your show after about 30 seconds. Avoid these 21 mistakes and your show will sound a lot better than most podcasts, and listeners will be much more likely to stick with you.


3 Month Membership to Podcast Guest Academy

From  Mark Deal of PodATL

What better way to start podcasting than by being a guest on other shows? What better way to grow your own podcast than by being a guest in front of other audiences? Podcast Guest Academy will show you how to find the best podcasts in your industry, how to reach out to hosts in a way that will actually get you booked, interview techniques and tricks to deliver impactful memorable interviews, and leverage those Interviews in a manner to drive the needle that matters the most to you.Your Podcasters Kit will give you FULL access to Podcast Guest Academy for free for three months. All our courses, all our quick wins, all our industry expert insights, our live masterminds, our 50+ videos and growing, plus access to our growing and supportive community of 1,700+!

Registration Notes:  Mark was generous to give us 3 months to his Podcast Guest Academy. His system won’t let him get around the credit card part. But you won’t be charged anything during the trial.  Mark your trial end date on the calendar. 

Podcast Interview Masterclass

From Brandon Hull – Hellocast

 A 4-hour course that covers 40 important points to go from wanting to conduct interviews for your podcast, to planning and conducting them like a master. From preparation, to tools, to the conversational skills you need. 

Become an “In Demand” Podcast Guest

From Kathleen Gage – Power Up for Profits

Everything you need to know to be a featured guest on lots of podcasts including what to send to a host before you’re on the show, know what questions to ask before you begin your search, the one thing you should never do in becoming an in demand guest. 

Niche Podcasting Gold

From Lindsey Anderson – One Click Anderson

How to find, interview and make sales by interviewing your perfect clients on a niche podcast. 

Scale Your Podcast Fast Using Guest Interviews: Grow Your Audience. Engage Your Listeners.

From Monique Shurray – Images Media Group, LLC

Ready to take your guest interviews to a new level? In this Masterclass you will:

– Get 3 secrets that elevate your interviews so that your listeners stay engaged and your guest is open and talkative

– Learn a step-by-step process to scale your podcast using guest interviews

– Discover the 1 thing that makes your podcasts STAND OUT

– Gain more engagement with your podcast audience


From Mark Shaw

Spot A Guest is a totally free resource connecting Podcast hosts to guests & wanna be guests to Podcast Hosts. Join 2600+ authors, coaches, experts, entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, trainers & anyone with a story to who have already registered to receive the weekly email. Each week hundreds of hosts & guests connect.


From Brent Basham

Poddit makes it super simple for podcasters to connect with amazing new guests. And those guests get easy access to some of the best podcasts in the industry. The best part? This unique new platform is just getting started. We’re on a mission to make Poddit the best place for real connection anywhere in the universe.


Learn How To Build Additional Income Through Your Email Newsletter That Can Feed A Family With Triplets

From Jeff Bradbury – TeacherCast

I’m going to give you the skills and knowledge to create and build your email newsletter into a money making adventure for you and your side hustle. I’ll show you everything from choosing the right email provider, setting up, making it easy with automation and how to move them from your podcast to the sign up form. 

Podcast Monetization Secrets

From Seth Greene – Shark Tank Podcast with Kevin Harrington

Would you like to worrying about all the bs and follow a STRATEGIC podcast BUSINESS model that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in revenue without any ads, fancy equipment, or complicated editing? I literally wrote THE book on this topic and am conducting a LIVE training on how you can achieve the same results we do for our own show (top 10 podcasts to listen to in 2019 accounting to NASDAQ), 80 of our clients shows, and how you can do it too.

16 Revenue Generation Methods with a Free Podcast

From Erik Johnson – Podcast Talent Coach

In this course we dispel the myths about monetization and tell you 6 reasons most podcasts don’t make money. Then we go over 8 proven business models to generate income with a free podcast. Then we show you how to actually sell those ideas, even if you’re horrible at selling. And finally we leave you with 12 ways to improve your engagement so you can make even more money. 

Finding Funds and Listeners for your Audio Programming on Public Radio

From Aaron Brown – Host of Great Northern Radio

In this presentation I will share how I made my radio programs happen and what you can do to fund your podcast and find new audiences using connections with your local radio stations.  What you’ll get here is a focused session on how I turned things that anyone can do — learn things, write things, say things — into real radio programs and podcasts that became notable parts of my annual income. The point is, good content deserves an audience, and public radio is one place where podcasts can find support and a platform.

Registration Note: We’re honored Aaron is doing this for us. This is special for Podcaster’s Kit buyers.


Podcast Promotion Blueprint

From Marc Guberti – Breakthrough Success

Marc teaches the methods everyone should be using to promote their episodes such as how to do in-episode promotion, turning listeners into email subscribers, creating a Facebook Page for your podcast, conducting “round up” episodes, guest outreach and your ideal social media checklist.  

Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Own Podcast with Ease

From Michael Neeley – Authority Blueprint Live

In this 3-part mini-course, podcast professional Michael Neeley will reveal proven insider secrets on: How to successfully launch a show that positions you in the rankings of Apple Podcasts – your greatest place for maximum discoverability! – Audience growth hacks that will blow you away – including one that other podcast pros call “Brilliant!”- 7 Methods for monetizing your podcast fast – two of them work even before you air your first episode!- PLUS – he’ll educate you about stats, platforms, industry wisdom and more, throughout these video training modules!As a bonus, once you’re in the program, Michael makes you a very special offer for tickets to his podcasting event, Your Authority Blueprint Live. Don’t miss out on this event where you’ll meet other podcasters, experience on-site recording booths, get booked on other shows, and learn what to do “beyond” the podcast.

Accelerate Your Podcast Success

From Ani Alexander – Talk-o-nomics

This course is for podcasters who’ve spent a bunch of time creating a great product but are disappointed with the results.  Beyond making sure you have the basics right we’re covering marketing with Twitter and using hashtags, growing your email list, getting big name guests, and even going over some mistakes you just wouldn’t realize at first. 

How to Start a YouTube Channel with a Growth Trajectory – for Podcasters

From Jennifer Maker – DIY & Crafts with Jennifer Maker

Learn how to create a YouTube channel to reach new audiences and harness the power of YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. Includes a lesson just for podcasters on how they can use this platform to expand their audiences.

Registration Notes: Her page takes you to where her class is.

Facebook Ads 4 Week Masterclass

From Amanda Robinson – Digital Gal

Learn Facebook Ads skills in 4 Weeks4 weeks. 8 LIVE video training sessions.• You want to improve your Facebook ads skills but don’t have a lot of time.• You don’t want a course. You want someone to teach you LIVE and be able to ask questions.• You want to spend your budget on your ads, not on ongoing training.This 4-week Facebook Group includes• 4 LIVE 1.5hr video training sessions• 4 LIVE 1hr video Q&A sessions• Video replays• 4 week pop-up Facebook Group monitored for your questions• Go beyond the boost button with confidence!

Registration Note: Look for the direct link under the PayPal button


Outsourcing: The Best Podcast Launch & Production Services: The 2019 Guide to Find The Perfect Solution to Support Your Podcast

From Ben Krueger – CashFlowPodcasting

Ben made this guide specifically for Podcaster’s Kit to help you find people who will help you produce your podcast for you. There’s no need to do it all yourself

Registration Notes: Ben made this product just for Podcaster’s Kit. I felt kinda honored.

Royalty Free Music 

From Mike and Izabela Russell – Music Radio Creative

In this package you’ll have access to fully produced podcast intros/outros. They are ready for you to start using – we have made them to be flexible and suit most podcast categories. We believe that every podcaster deserves the best sounding audio from day 1 – this is our way to show you how you can achieve it and that you don’t have to compromise .

Complete Podcast Production for 50 People 

From Mike and Izabela Russell – Music Radio Creative

As a special limited bonus we will offer FREE Podcast Production of an episode to the first 50 podcasters. 

Complete Podcast Production for 50 People 

From Tasha Rivera – Techie Virtual Assistant

To introduce you to our full service podcast production services, we will give FREE Podcast Production of an episode to 50 podcasters (through random drawing). 


Multicam Video Podcast: Film your video podcast using 2 cameras and repurpose it

From Albert Bonet – Filmmaker

You have your podcast. Is it video or audio? Or both?If you interview your guests in person, film your video podcast using more than one camera. It will be more dynamic and you can repurpose your content. Edit snippets to make short 1-minute videos with highlights that you can share in social media again and again. Get automatic transcriptions of those highlights that you can use as blog posts.With this course you’ll learn what gear you need to do this (I use 1 smartphone and 1 GoPro), how to set up the recording, how to get good audio, how to edit the multicam clips together, how to publish it, get an automatic transcription and edit multiple snippets with automatic subtitles.

Audit My Podcast

From Michelle Abraham – Amplifyou

The Podcast Audit Training is an over the shoulder look as we walk through an audit of a podcast step by step using the checklist. Podcast Trainer Michelle Abraham of  Amplifyou will share with you everything she is looking for in the Audit of a show and how you can apply this training to your show to make it even more successful! 

Podcasting Resource Bundle

From Chad Fullerton – Launch Expert

Chad has put together a collection of incredibly useful resources you can use right away to jumpstart your podcast. This bundle includes a variety of cheatsheets such as how to prepare for and conduct podcast interviews, 54 Business Interview Question Starters, e-mail templates such as what to send to request a podcast interview with someone, emails to send your subscribers, email follow up message templates, a guest checklist to help you prepare faster, and more. Chad is also including 6-months access to his upcoming group mentoring and training membership where you’ll be able to tap into Chad and his team LIVE to ask questions and learn the latest tips, tools, and strategies for your website, marketing campaigns, design and promotion materials, social media and more (over $600 value). 

Flash Briefing Formula Premium Course

From Teri Fisher – Alexa in Canda 

Your step-by-step premium course to launch a successful Amazon Alexa flash briefing that gets found and grows your brand! With only 1 flash briefing in existence for every 70 podcasts, now is the time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. This course teaches you everything you need to know, with video screen captures of all the steps, to launch your very own briefcast! Be a first-to-market briefcaster and reach reach your audience in a new and intimate way. 

Podcasting NLP Power Communication & Influence Magic Secrets

From Scott Paton – Top Udemy Course Creator

This course is not just about NLP training; it’s about refining the communication process in your Podcasts by making use of the principles of NLP.

Communication is one of the most important skills in business life, and it goes without saying how essential it is to the success of your Podcast, yet no one really talks about it or trains Podcasters on communication. After all, everyone knows how to talk! Excellent and compelling communication skills are the difference between an ignored Podcast and a profitable, high-growth one.

This program incorporates tools and ideas used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and explores ways of communicating that make a real difference in your Podcast.

Podcaster’s Legal Audit

From Gordon Firemark – Entertainment Law Update

This is the definitive guide to the legal aspects of Podcasting, written by Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™.  This comprehensive review of your podcast, website and business processes will help you identify specific actions you can take to keep your podcast legal, reduce your risk and exposure, and protect  your personal and business assets. 

The Expert’s Guide To Automating & Systematizing Your Podcast Using Trello

From Daxy Perez – Podcast Launch Secrets

Daxy had 5+ years experience as a Podcast Launch, Production, & Marketing Expert working with several podcast agencies to help podcasters rank in the top 100 in iTunes and garner millions of podcast downloads in the process..

Daxy is also the host of the podcast & Facebook Group, Podcast Success Secrets, with thousands of followers.

Registration Note: Getting this fixed. Be back shortly

4 Months of Speakertunity Speaker Leads

From Jackie Lapin – Speakertunity

Podcast Host…..Want a shortcut to find speaking opportunities all over North America so you can promote your podcast and more? Get 120+ leads per month that welcome presenters from SpeakerTunity Speaker Leads™—without you doing any research! 500 Free Leads! Just submit yourself to the ones that are in alignment with your mission and your audience so you can rapidly build your listener or viewership, grow your business and change more lives! Get the most up to date information about venues, events and organizations that are looking for speakers like you! Plus a private Facebook Group with HOT! timely new calls-for-speakers, too! 

Registration Notes: Jackie’s system can’t bypass the credit card option. You won’t get charged, but know it is there.

BONUS – Sound Effects Library

From Joshua Shuy – JSSAudio

JSS Audio has operated with the guiding philosophy of capturing the essence of your ideas and helping you to create tangible experiences for your audience. Simply put, we use out audio skills to help solve your problems and help you create the very best. From audio editing, mixing and mastering to custom sound design and audio post production solutions, we can cover any project in scope and complexity.


Subscribe to Podcast Newsletters (and know everything)

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Need Podcast Hosting? 

We put together a list of hosting companies you might want to use. Things you need to consider when choosing a host:1. Cost

2. Data: Unlimited or restricted (think phone plan)

3. What do they offer in terms of visibility? A website? A WordPress plugin?

4. Do you need to record online and edit online? Some have that. 

5. When you reach out to them does someone respond? This is the list of companies where not only did someone respond to my request for information, but the people were truly sincere and nice. 

Host onBuzzsproutHost onCaptivateHost onCastosHost onTransistorHost onPodbeanHost onPinecastHost onHipcastHost onPodetizeHost onPodcasts.comHost onPodomaticHost onTryCa.stHost onFiresideHost onShortwave


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You can read the Affiliate Terms of Service here Why is it $39? It seems too good to be true.

The whole idea of Podcaster’s Kit is to introduce you to new experts and introduce them to you. For the experts this is a chance to get in front of thousands and thousands of people they couldn’t get in front of otherwise. And since it is only one week, they are willing to provide their products to Podcaster’s Kit just for the chance to meet you. On the flip side, we can’t reach the entire world on our own. So we ask you to help share it with your friends, audience and community AND we use the $39 to help pay you a 50% commission and bonuses. It’s just a great project for everyone. 

How long do I have to access the products?

You’ll have till December 12th,  which is 60 days to register/download or grab the products.  But once you do that, you get to keep them forever. On the products page, you’ll see if any have other time limits. For instance a live stream ticket to a conference has a specific date.  eBooks you download to your computer, eCourses come to your email. You just have to go get/download/register/sign-up in the next 60 days. After that you can take your time to consume them. Which products will I receive?

You will receive access to all the products listed on the Podcaster’s Kit sales page. (And I’ll send you some unannounced stuff via email). They are yours to grab until December 12th . . . the you get to keep them forever. But you have 60 days to go get them.  I send instructions via email. How do I access and/or download the products in Podcaster’s Kit?

Once you purchase Podcaster’s Kit  you will receive an email with a link to the downloads page. All instructions on how to access them are in the email and on the downloads page. Now, not all of these are downloads. A livestream pass to a conference is not a download, nor is access to a UDEMY course, or a software membership. So each product has a different redemption path. Some are downloads, others you register for, etc. . .I can not download or access the products, what do I do?

Check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you’ll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I’m not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don’t work, email me: and I’ll take care of it. 

Can I buy last year’s Stack?

Sadly, no. We didn’t set it up with the experts that way last year. . . that may be something we do in the future. Can I purchase hard copies of the books and products?Sure. We can do that. We can put things on DVD, thumb drive or CD. Just email us at and we’ll tell you how much that will cost.  But most of the things aren’t books . . . they’re tickets, software, webinars . . . that just can’t be put on a disk.

How can I access my products on the iPad / Kindle / Phone or otherwise?You should have no problem whatsoever. You may need to download a pdf reader . . if you don’t have one. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need anything special. Can I share my Podcaster’s Kit products with others?

Yes and No. We would love for you to share the opportunity to buy Podcaster’s Kit with the link at the top of this page. Otherwise, we ask that you don’t just send the products to others. The experts are doing this on good faith and are expecting you to operate the same way. Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds,. Once you purchase Podcaster’s Kit you have full access to these products. We have the rule because you could buy the Kit, then download or register for everything, then ask for a refund. When I was a teen I worked at Blockbuster Video and remember people coming in telling me they didn’t like the video they rented and asked for their money back. That wasn’t a thing either. BUT we will make sure you get everything you paid for . . . and some bonuses. None of these FAQ’s answered my question or solved my problem. Email us. We’ll help.


  • Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the products that have been deleted or lost.
  • Each of the products in Podcaster’s Kit is copyrighted by the original author.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, courses, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, Audience Industries will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!
  • Thank you.