Why Attend Blogging Concentrated?


Someday we’ll all be old. And we’ll be smiling about the good old days.

For pretty much all of us, blogging started as a hobby. But along the way we figured out that the hobby could very well provide an income.

And while it was hard, it was also the most rewarding activity of our lives. We influenced people. We helped millions reach their goals, follow their dreams, laugh, smile, cry. We made their lives easier, saved them money and gave them great memories

We were a new breed that started at the turn of the century and took a career that was unknown to us as kids. We were bloggers and we were proud.


But how do we get to the end? How do we avoid burnout? How do we become more efficient and grow smarter? Whilst the path to the end is easily defined and often easy to follow for traditional businesses, there is no trail for us. In fact many of us don’t even think about it because the idea is so fantastical.

But there is a path. We have dedicated our lives to helping you understand it.

And it starts with the smallest nuances of your business like your Twitter description. When you get that right and you can duplicate that effect across the board, you build a better foundation. And brands will pay you more for your expertise.

It starts with the word repeatable. When you fully understand what actions led to a single dollar in revenue, you can repeat it. And you can do so efficiently.

It start with understanding how to create intrigue by adding one character to your headlines. Because intrigue leads to opens, clicks, opt-ins, likes, shares, referrals, brands and revenue.

And so we have created seven curriculum around the tenets of efficient blogging.


In Sequoia, we focus on Smart Business, Repeatable and CEO. We want you to understand how to analyze your data and make decisions like moving your audience to the pages that pay you the most. We focus on smart marketing like structuring your videos in an upside down pyramid throwing traffic back to your blog, and creating ebooks that virally sell themselves (because we need our cheerleaders to help us grow).

In Circles we focus on Engagement, Audience and Smart Writing. We help you understand how listening created 1,000,000’s of Facebook likes on Rachel’s blog. There is a way to listen, a method to grabbing insights and turning them into posts and products. That method also turns readers into cheerleaders. There is a science to the way people react. Let us show you how one simple question of your audience will change your optin rate forever.

We focus entirely on what if you could have built this perfectly from the beginning. Because an efficiently operating blogging business can generate a full-time income, provide time for vacations, provide time for brainstorming and masterminds and lead to retirement.

Whether it’s Sequoia or Circles. Whether it’s our curriculum on money called Pages or our curriculum on the next steps after blogging, called Threshold. . . they are all designed to help you create a blog that can generate millions and also be fully sold. We really want you to understand how to not only derive revenue, but also how to protect it. Because the day the income pays the bills, is the day our risks go up.

But there is a path. We have dedicated our lives to helping you understand it.

If you want to learn photo tips, Google it. .

If you want to learn which slider plugin to use, ask in your Facebook group.

But if you want to learn how to grow your blogging business into something that changes the world, come to Blogging Concentrated.