What We’ve Done to SEOptimize Our Site

Today is 5 days after we launched our newest website, Benefits of Resveratrol.  I googled our main keyword “benefits of resveratrol” today and found out that we rank #46, which is page 5. I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty happy with that on Day 5.

OK. Let’s get to the meat of it. First we started with keyword research. There’s no sense starting a website unless you have some idea of the competition in that niche and demand for that niche. We used a version of Wordtracker’s software to research everything related to ‘resveratrol’.

That research, which took several days, many queries and lots of filtering resulted in 150 – 200 keywords whose demand was good but more importantly, whose competition was low to non-existent. There’s nothing more inane than trying to compete with 250,000 other sites for the same keywords. That’s a game that money and personnel will win every time.

So we grouped our keywords into 3’s and 4’s and decided to build web pages based on those words. We didn’t start in any particular order, but just started building the pages making sure that each page had the keywords located in the headline, meta tags, meta description, first 90 characters of text and in a textual link.

Then we added photos and made sure to title our photos with our keywords, as well as caption the photos with our keywords. We used some analysis software to make sure that we didn’t overuse our keywords, or under-use our keywords. The goal is to avoid spam but to make it clear to the search engines what your page is about.

That got us to the end of the site building phase, and into the marketing phase. Right off the bat we began to market the site with Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Digg. And after 5 days of these efforts we’ve arrived at #46.

Our next steps will include directories, articles, press releases, publicity requests, Yahoo Answers, Forums and Blog Comments. Stay Tuned.

(Check out SiteBuildIt to see all these tools in action).

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