Video Marketing Tips

1326722_monitorRecently on (which I invite you to join) we did an “impromptu” mastermind call all about video marketing ideas. I thought I’d recap what we spoke about here.

In one of my previous Notes on video marketing we discussed Tubemogul, optimizing YouTube videos, repurposing videos and embeding them on your site. I’ll shy away from those topics this time.

There are three types of Video Marketing Strategies.

1. The first type is direct response where the video is designed to get the watcher to do something. This kind is most often seen in infomercials, but also the main kind used on video sales pages.

2. The second type is informational where the goal is information dissemination with the hope that the viewer wants to learn more from you. You can see this on YouTube whenever you search for tutorials.

3. Finally, the third type is product. Philip DeFranco on YouTube uses this the best. For him the video is the product. He wants you to watch him on video everyday – and hopefully you click on an ad and he makes some cash.

You need to decide at the outset what role each video is going to play.

One strategy you may consider for your business is the 10 x 10 x 4 video marketing strategy where you implement both direct response and information videos to drive sales and your list.

In the 10 x 10 x 4, you create 10 videos about your audiences most frequently asked questions, you create 10 more videos about the question they should have asked and then 4 more “helper” videos.

You can find frequently asked questions at Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, in blog comments, in EzineArticles and many other places. Don’t make them up – they’re too easy to find and then you’ll get the language right.  Answer these questions thoroughly in the video.

The second set of videos you answer the 10 questions people should be asking. These are going to go on your site, and only visible to the people who’ve joined or opted-in. Make these incredibly powerful.

Finally, the last 4 videos.

1. A short video that says “Now that you’ve heard this FAQ, head over to my site and find out the 10 questions you should be
asking.” (Sew this at the end of the FAQ videos)

2. A short video that says “Thanks for coming to the site, if you’re ready to hear all about the questions you should be asking, put your name and e-mail below”.

3. A short video saying “Thanks for opting in, go to your inbox and say “yes” when you get the subscription confirmation email.

4. Finally, the fourth video is your pitch. (Sew this on the backend of the Should Ask Videos)

I guess a third type of video might be one you’re doing for the backlink alone. If that’s the case, don’t waste much time. Use one of these free sources every time to make your video easy and fast.

I recommend AnimotoTripAdvisor and Google’s Search Stories.

That’s some of what we discussed about video marketing tips. Put this e-mail together with my last video tip e-mail and you got yourself an ebook on video marketing.