The NAMS 3 Action Guide is Ready


I’ve finally finished the NAMS 3 Action Guide.  Writing from the perspective of someone who’s been to the first 2 NAMS events, I thought I’d give you some perspective on how to make the best of the event.

Please let me know what you think, and if you went to the first two NAMS events – what did I leave out?

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  1. Kristen Arnold

    Excellent guide thank you so much! This will be my first NAMS and I’ve been trying to plan out to make the most of the experience and this really helped me plan out what to expect.

  2. Mary

    I like your NAMS 3 Action Guide, Dan. I wouldn’t have thought of half of that stuff to do or bring with me. Very helpful. Underline that. Very helpful.I’ll be there and have not attended before. Really looking forward to it.

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