Must you be better organized?

Must you have new skill sets??

Must you be a better marketer?

What do you need to learn?

What books do you need to read?


Typically, most people say money and time.

(And the ability to focus)

Truly, the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is know-how.

If we know how to make money. . . and outsource, we overcome most of our problems.

Those that can do things quickly reap opportunities the rest just dream about.

Imagine being able to create a product, have the sales page up, a way to take money, deliver the product and have readers, fans, cheerleaders and affiliates selling for you. . . in 2 hours. . .

It is not only possible, it is done everyday.


Generating Cash?

Growing Traffic?

Creating Products?

Formulating Systems?

Developing Community?

Growing your Platform?

If you’re like me, then I’d guess no because. . .


Hands down.

There is nothing cooler.

Whether it takes years or days, we become experts with video, animation, blogging, podcasting, speaking, writing, publishing, copywriting, marketing, research, email, PR, taxes ,organization, RSS ,interviews ,ad networks, PLR, networking, affiliates, communication, selling, events, outsourcing, Facebook, YouTube, products, sponsorship, brands, branding and list building.


We asked the very best . . . including cold calling people we didn’t know . . . if they would lend us their best expertise for this unbelievable stack of online business knowledge.

The business you’re hoping to build in 2015 is in here.

That’s what this stack of knowledge is for.

To deliver an ROI your “shareholders” will be proud of.

Our families depend on us to deliver a return on their investment and sacrifice.


john-lee-dumas-bc . . . John Lee Dumas,the podcast guy whose had more than 5,000,000 downloads helping us learn how to podcast
affiliate-summit . . . the owner of the largest affiliate marketing conference in the world, Missy Ward, showing us how to be good affiliate marketers
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.35.44 AM . . . an 18 year, full-time veteran of Niche Marketing, Ms. Lynn Terry, teaching you profitable Niche Marketing
The_AdSense_Code . . . the New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Adsense Code”, Mr. Joel Comm teaching you Adsense
piano-guys-bc . . . Derral Eves, the guy that architected the 3,000,000 subscriber rise of the Piano Guys on Youtube teaching us YouTube marketing
entrepreneur_magazine . . .the guy Entrepreneur Magazine hired to write the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn, Mr. Ted Prodromou, helping you whip your LinkedIn page into shape
forbes-com-logo . . . Adrienne Graham, author of “No, You Can’t Pick My Brain for Free”? and Forbes Contributor, helping you get what you’re worth
kids-activities-blog . . . profitable Facebook marketing methods from Holly Homer who grew her QuirkyMomma Facebook Page from 50,000 to 1,000,000 this year without paying for advertising
ClockworkRecipes-HowToGuide . . .how to create products and have them up for sale over the weekend, from, Kevin Riley, of Product Creation Labs
One-Page-Money_makers . . .advice from Lee Collins, the guy whose Hybrid Marketing program about making money online was purchased by expert marketer Frank Kern and sent to over 300 of Frank’s Mass Control clients world-wide?

10818836_10204469486330081_1898006023_n (1)

We’ve put together a digital library of information to teach you all you need to know to gain the confidence and the edge to make more money in 2015.

Expert Product Title What makes it great Discipline

Tracy is the mastermind behind the successful PiggyMakesBank community helping entrepreneurs perfect their purpose and system online. She’s noted for finding ways to make money in your business – you’re currently overlooking.

Lynn Terry Niche Success Blueprint With 18 years making a full-time income from it, we thought Lynn Terry would be the best to teach niche social marketing. Growing Traffic

Joel Comm Adsense Secrets Author of the New York Times Best seller “The Adsense Code”, many successful apps, we thought his Adsense Secrets book would be the best to learn from. Cash Generation

Holly Homer Facebook Marketing Technique Video Facebook guru Holly Homer grew her Facebook Page from 50k fans to One Million in one year. . .and she explains it all in this video. Growing Traffic

David Dutton Get Connected: Self Branding Whether it’s the Mayor of Nashville or contestants on The Apprentice, David Dutton knows what it means to turn a meeting into a relationship Platform Growth

John Lee Dumas Get Started Podcasting How about learning from the #1 Podcaster on the planet and the voice behind Entrepreneur on Fire? Does 5,000,000 downloads help? Platform Growth

Ted Prodromou LinkedIn Accelerator Program Entrepreneur Magazine asked Ted Prodromou to write the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn. That was good enough for us. Platform Growth

Leslie Samuel Traffic Generation 101 Unbelievable friend. YouTube Superstar. Charisma that makes you smile. Owner of . . there’s no better to learn from. Growing Traffic

Phil Hollows List Building For Bloggers How about learning Email Marketing from none other than the creator of FeedBlitz himself? Think you’d learn something watching thousands of marketers build lists? Community Building

Connie Ragen Green Affiliate Contest Secrets ebook Connie has perfected the art of community building, learning how to make her audience better, learning how to turn her fans into cheerleaders and buyers. Multi-affiliate contest wins. Cash Generation

Kathleen Gage How to Sell Thousands from your Platform ebook Kathleen Gage has a presence on stage that leaves you mesmerized. With thousands of appearances on stage, she’s the one to pass on the standards of stage sales. Cash Generation

Mitch Canter Understanding WooCommerce Mitch Canter is an international speaker, technology enthuiast, and software developer from Franklin, TN. His mission is to take the foundations of the digital landscape (code, design, technology, marketing, and social media) and break them down into their binary pieces. Cash Generation

Janet Thaeler The Six Figure Affiliate Blogger With affiliate income as her primary tool for wealth, and a member of The Blogger Network, Janet is poised teach the best. Cash Generation

Lee Collins Hybrid Marketing Complete eCourse Here’s a guy whose so smart and eloquent, Frank Kern had 300+ copies of Lee’s Hybrid Marketing Course sent to his customers. The King boweth. Growing Traffic

Lou Bortone How to Use Google Hangouts for Webcasting 20 Years doing video for Fox and NBC and then the last 10 doing online video marketing? Yep, Lou is who you need. Community Building

Kelly McCausey List Building Round Table I wish you could all know Kelly. There isn’t a bigger champion of people. She’s quietly amassed an empire through conscious list building techniques that make her audience smile. Community Building

Ashley Coombe Affiliate Marketing, FTC Compliance and Time Saving Tools for Content Marketing and Social Media Management Ashley educates small businesses and bloggers on how to grow their audience using social media, and how to monetize their blogs. Formulating Systems

Kristen Larson Brown Brand Ignition Course Writer of Best Selling Book The Happy Hour Effect and consultant to hundreds of companies looking to polish their brand. Platform Growth

Kevin Riley How to Create a Product in 3 Days eCourse Kevin has made a living creating products that are so useful, easy to follow and affordable, he’s built a company on repeat buyers. Let him help you see how to do it correctly. Creating Products

Angela England Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook The original Renaissance Woman herself, Angela will help you figure out how to make an ebook that sells, fast. Creating Products

Alice Seba Profitting from PLR How about discovering the secrets of content marketing from the queen of private label rights content marketing herself? If you don’t know anything about PLR. . .start here. Creating Products

Nicole Dean Simplifying Blogging with Systems and Awesome Nicole Dean is a systems genius. Whether it’s outsourcing, or backing up data, or building a business that feeds many families. . . she’s the Guru. Formulating Systems

Sarah Arrow Content Marketing from Scratch Forbes decided that Sarah has had one of the world’s best websites. . . 3 times! Martha Stewart and Tony Robbins agree. . . so we thought you’d benefit from Sarah’s knowledge. Growing Traffic

Missy Ward Making Money From WordPress Who’d be best to teach affiliate marketing? The owner of the largest Affiliate Marketing Conference in the world? We think so. Cash Generation

Claudia Krusch Small Business Survival Live Webinar She has been a blogger since 2007, a member of 27 blogging organizations; worked with 87 brands in 2013 alone, formulating multiple streams of income all through building a solid blogging business. Cash Generation

Liz Corson Blogging to Speaking: Expand your platform to the stage I know of no more confident woman. Negotiator, speaker, author. She has helped big names get engagements in front of large audiences. She’s the expert. Platform Growth

Lisa Woodruff How to Get on TV It seems Lisa can get on TV at will, we asked her to spill her secrets. As a professional organizer blogger and network marketer she speaks our online language. Platform Growth

Doug Foresta How to Create a Podcast THIS WEEK That Expands Your Reach, Boosts Your Book or Blog and Creates Change Stand up and be heard! That’s the cry of Doug Foresta the vocal podcaster. Learn his secrets for immediate podcast success Platform Growth

Kurt Scholle Website Success Course: Google Analytics Kurt helps large companies, hoteliers and online marketers create websites that generate revenue. In so doing, he’s become an expert with Google Analytics. Formulating Systems

Janis Pettit Webinar Sales Success Secrets Workshop Janis is too big for two sentences. She’s successfully started, grown and sold three businesses. She’s been coaching since 2001 and knows how to help people create a strategy to grow a lucrative lifestyle business. This is hers. Cash Generation

Kristen Eckstein Engaging Your Fan Base Ebook How about learning book publishing from someone who’s published over 160 books and started 50 publishing companies. Community Building

Sushant Misra List Building and Email Marketing: Your first 1000 subscribers ebook Sushant is an interviewing rock star. I think he’s interviewed and learned from about every cool marketer out there. All the while using the interviews to build his list. Community Building

Tracy Roberts Profitable Products eCourse Creating Products

Lisa Woodruff How to Hire Help eCourse Lisa has helped many, many people figure out how to hire help in their business. She’s a master organizer and business growth strategist for network marketers. Formulating Systems

Tawnya Sutherland Using a Virtual Assistant Owner of the largest Virtual Assistant Social Network and Certified Internet Marketing Strategist, we thought Tawnya was the most qualified person on the planet to teach outsourcing. Formulating Systems

Denise Griffits Going Virtual: Finding a VA Ebook Denise runs a very successful radio show, runs is all about helping her clients become successful. Formulating Systems

Sharyn Sheldon 100 Survival Tips for Biz Owners Ebook Sharyn has developed training programs for giant companies for 20 years and customizable, rebrandable content for 10. Formulating Systems

Sue Painter Writing copy for SEO and readers Sue runs, is an author and entrepreneur. One of her businesses had her booked for 12 months straight after being open only 18 months. Growing Traffic

Joanne DelBalso The 15 Most Important Tax Deductions 2 Set Printables 27 years doing taxes for small businesses and bloggers, Joanne knows our industry inside and out Formulating Systems


Lucrecer Baxton understands photography and the power of visual story telling like none other. She wanted to share with us her book “Soulful Self, An Exploration in Intentional Self Portrait Photography”. I’m quite looking foward to learning something totally new to me.

Natalie Marie Collins also wants to lighten our day and the lives of our audience with her webiste Doodles. There is something to be said about our blog posts and websites looking different every once in a while. I’m grateful she’s sharing this spectacular bundle with us.

Simon Salt is the guy behing IncSlingers. . .but he’s also a professional photographer. Since we now live in a video and picture driven world, he thought he’d give you his “How To Take Better Photographs of Children” program.

Rey Brown is a Verizon superstar turned iPhone podcaster, Rey believes you’re not using your phone to its fullest capacity. He’s giving you access to his “iPhone 6 Mastery Class”. Listening to him talk about it makes me wonder why am I not using my phone better.

Katie Hornor is an American “missionary” / blogger in Mexico using her line skills to make us all better. She’s got a Best Pics Monthly Subscription where you have access to pics you can use on online. She’s throwing in a 6 Month Subscription for BC Stack buyers.

Tiffany Noth runs BloggyCon, a blogging conference in Ohio that attracts big brands and bloggers from all over the country. She’s got a great series of books on getting started blogging she wanted to share with you. If you’re new, this is where you start.

XShot, Blogging Concentrated’s favorite sponsor, did a photo tips webinar with DataColor they thought you’d enjoy watching.

Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit is extending 15 tickets to an Affiliate Summit event. So on the first day of this sale (December 1st or Cyber Monday) we’re going to randomly pick 15 of the buyers and award them the tickets!!!!

We Believe. . .

We believe that online entrepreneurs can create businesses that provide a full-time income, allow for vacations and retirement. Everything we do is aimed at helping you create that kind of business.

This project began when Rachel’s truck started driving diagonally but still going straight. We decided that wasn’t safe and we needed to get a new one (especially since it is winter and she lives in Minnesota). So all the experts who donated their products, and knowledge did so knowing it would help us get Rachel a new truck.

The only way that is possible is through the love this community has for each other. And we are truly thankful.

We could have set any price we wanted for this bundle. We settled on $27. Not $97, not $197, not even $49. We really want you to have these products and support these experts. AND we wanted it to be a no-brainer. . . like how could you ever say no to this?


How does the BC Stack work?

  • 60 eBooks, videos, courses and products valued at $2,179
  • On sale for 4 days starting December 1st at Midnight US Central Time
  • Sale price of only $27 – 99% off the total value!
  • Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the e-books that have been deleted or lost.
  • After your purchase has been completed, you will be redirected to the sales page. And you will receive an automatic email containing a link to download the products.
  • Each of the e-books in BC Stack is copyrighted by the original author.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, Blogging Concentrated will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!

If you have a question about the bundle sale that hasn’t been answered, contact Blogging Concentrated by emailing