The Hub and Spoke Internet Marketing Strategy: A Twitter Clinic

I haven’t done one in a while, but spent some time at a biz strategy meeting tonite and feel like tonite is a good nite for a twitter clinic

Tonite’s twitter clinic is about your basic internet marketing strategy and how to create the structure. I’ll post this later on my blog.

So let’s get started. First of all I don’t think you’re going to get very far without a website. That means a blog, a sales page or a site.

There must be a place people can go to buy what you’re selling. That’s not a negative thing. If you’re selling shovels, you’ll need a place

for the guy buying shovels to go. So let’s call that page your money site. Let’s define money site again. You need a page, a Facebook group,

a blog site, a full blown website, a squidoo page – something! where the transaction can be made. If you’re doing affiliate marketing where

you only need people to click on a link – then maybe Twitter is all you need. But you won’t get far with that. A Facebook Group can be more

lucrative than Twitter (sometimes). I prefer a full blown website, but sometimes that’s very easy to put together. Now that you have a site

(or a page) the goal is to get people there. The more relevant traffic you get, the more buyers you’ll find.That’s where the structure comes

into play. Like FedEx, your structure needs to be hub and spoke, where your money page is the middle hub and everything else you do is the

spokes. Maybe you’ll write an article for pointing people to your site – that’s a spoke. Maybe you’ll start a Facebook grp

and you’ll send messages to the group with the link to your site (another spoke). The key is to build spokes where relevant traffic can be

directed to your money site. Sometimes you need to have two steps before your money site. Maybe you’re selling antioxidant drinks. . Build a

few articles that send people to a review site. One spoke to another spoke and then have links to your money site on the review site. You’d

do this when you’d expect the buyer to do research before actually buying. Attract the lead, give them research and a place to buy.

Other spokes are forum and blog posts, twitter links, facebook links, digg/delicious/stumbleupon links, blog articles, press releases

and spokes can be off-line as well. Infomercials drive folks to websites. That’s a spoke driving traffic to the money site. So basically the

ideal internet marketing strategy is to have a site where people buy and then a bunch of ways people can find you. This system works great

for network marketers. MLM folks can’t change their company site, but they can use the internet to drive traffic there. My favorite way to

do that is with a SiteBuildit Site. This is a site that’s designed to exploit a niche and get to the top of Google for that niche. If you’re

in a Candle MLM, maybe the niche is ‘bedroom candles’ from which you create a site all about different kinds of bedroom candles with links

to your network marketing site to sell them candles. Check it out for yourself It’s the best way I

know to drive tons of traffic to your site, while you’re working on another niche or spoke or business. So tonite’s Twitter Clinic has been

about creating an internet marketing strategy.

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