The 10 Best Places to Get Links

560026_linksThat’s a bold claim, isn’t it?  What are the 10 best places to get links to your site?  The problem answering it is I can really only give you the 10 Best Places for YOUR site, not everyone’s.

Can you imagine 10 places that both an Astrology Teacher and an Apricot Farmer could stand together and sell products? Hmm. . .

City of Banklinkville

Let’s assume we’re talking about a city map. The best place to stand for both of them would be in front of the Walgreens on Main and Main. They would both be seen by every potential customer.

But the problem is, at the corner of Main and Main, gas stations and drug stores are on the prospect’s mind – not astrology and apricots.

While every apricot eater and astrology student may pass by – neither are in the position of mindset to read your persuasive marketing materials.

You’ve got to be closer to your audience. Perhaps they’d be better off advertising separately, one in the local farmer’s market newsletter and one buying space on the bus bench in front of the yoga place.

But wouldn’t they even be better off getting a booth at the Annual Astrology Summit and Raw Foods Conference, separately? Or how about being featured in and

Wouldn’t they then get in front of the right people at the right time with the right message? I doubt either would fare very well if they advertised at the opposite event – though.

Backlink Arts and Crafts

There is no 10 best places for everyone. But there is this . . . pull out a sheet of paper. On one edge of the page draw a circle that says “Thank You Page” and on the other edge of the page – draw 10 empty circles with lines connecting them to the “Thank You Page” circle.

Now imagine 10 different people who will have bought your product.

What frame of mind were these people in? Can you envision a millionaire buying your book? If so, what path did he take? Can you imagine someone without internet access buying your book? Can you imagine someone who finds your site by the search engines? What about someone with just a passing interest in your topic?

Now, draw the path each person takes from not knowing you exist to the Thank You Page on your site.

Banklink Mindmaping

What did they do?  You may have to go backwards to figure it out. What where they searching for that led them to A, that got them to click on B, that got them to subscribe to newsletter C, that got them to open Newsletter C12, that got them to website D where they saw your ad and made it to your site?

Once on your site, what did they need in order to pull their credit card out, ready to buy? Did they need convincing that it works? An understanding of what they’re buying? A reference to one of their friends who bought it? Compelling need? Proof?When you think about that hard enough you’ll figure out where you need to be seen. You’ll see who needs to refer their customers to you and what the prospect needs to know before buying.

It’s a surefire map of success.  For more info on Niche Internet Marketing Click here.