Teenagers Can Make Money Online

Teenagers can make money online as easily as anyone else. In fact, in many cases computer-savvy teens can make faster money than adults still ‘learning the ropes’. A teen’s best bet to make money is owning a website that earns dollars from Google ad clicks.

Suppose you’re interested in ring tones as are all your friends. 99% of the ring tones sites are one that feature ones you can download or create. Most of these companies buy Google ads to make it easier for you to find them. So create a website ABOUT ring tones, not necessarily with downloadable ring tones. On each page of the site write something about the different kinds, stereo vs mono, tones vs songs, downloading vs creating, etc. And put Google ads on the site for people to click to go to other ring tone sites. The ads alone will bring in plenty of money.

Teenagers also write reports and do a ton of school work. Create a website about writing school reports, show the different research ideas, provide science fair idea – maybe even downloadable kits. A site like that might also be something the teen’s teachers would appreciate and give credit for. Either way, traffic to ads equals sales.

Teenagers are involved in a lot of after school activities like soccer, cup stacking and piano. Create a website about one of these topics, a topic you’re already interested in. Write about that topic, add pictures and Google ads and you’ll be making money in no time.

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  1. Kirsten Wright

    If only this were around when I was in High School and working my butt off at after school day care…lol.

    Love the ideas, definitely worth making note of (even if you’re not a teenager!)

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